Knee Pain

Exercises To Avoid When You Have A Knee Pain


The misery of living with ongoing knee pain is beyond compare. You become stuck and unable to do routine activities. That’s why people seek a solution to their knee pain. Among the best treatments is exercise since it is a natural remedy.

But you know what?

Exercise can be harmful when you have knee pain from any cause, including arthritis, injury, fracture, overuse, old age, or any other medical condition. It occurs because your knee may need rest or other treatment in some conditions. Exercising with these conditions can worsen your knee’s condition. 

Exercises To Avoid During Knee Pain

Some exercises may bend your knee with a wrong angle and damage it further. Here are some of those exercises.

  • Running On Treadmill

Suffering from knee pain and running on a treadmill is not a good combination. A treadmill requires a continuous movement of your knees, which can be injurious while you are already suffering from knee pain.

  • Leg Extension

Leg extension involves bending and straightening the knee that exerts tremendous pressure on the knee muscles and joints. When you use weights for leg extension, the strain on your knees increases, causing more damage.

  • Lunges

When you go down and then get up, the central part of your body that bears your body weight is your knees and feet. A knee pain patient with weak quadriceps muscles may increase the knee pain with lunges.

  • Deep Squats

Deep squats are not suitable for your knee in situations when you are already dealing with knee pain. While you are squatting, your knees get rotated, and the total pressure is exerted on them, which can even cause a severe injury. It is suggested that while you are going through knee pain, avoid doing squats or deep squats.

Treatment Options For Knee Pain Apart From Exercise

Not every knee pain can be treated with exercise; you must look for further natural treatment options to get rid of knee pain. Regenerative techniques are a natural way of dealing with knee pain because they use a method that helps the body to heal itself naturally without any surgery or oral medication. 

Plasma-rich therapy and regenerative cell therapy, also known as stem cell therapy, are the two techniques mainly used to treat knee pain that may appear with multiple causes. Stem cell therapy involves extracting regenerative cells from the patient’s bone marrow and injecting them back on the location of the pain. The cells then regrow into different tissues and cells that help the healing process and ultimately treat knee pain.

Wrapping Up

Having knee pain could be an everyday thing for you; still, you must not take it for granted and contact your physician before involving yourself in any kind of exercise or treatment. So far, the exercises that put pressure on your knee should be avoided during knee pain. The best thing is to get a permanent and rapid treatment for your knee pain to live a healthy everyday life.

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