Excel Consulting: Complete Your Excel Projects with Excel Complete


Through qualified professionals, we create complete systems in Excel that integrate with other company systems. Generally, our Excel Consulting work focuses on reducing the time needed to generate information and significantly improving the productivity of employees who manage the information.

We have already carried out projects for many companies, among them, we highlight some below.

Our Excel Consulting Work Consists Of:

  • Understand customer demands
  • Contextualize the process
  • Define which databases will be needed
  • Define which administrative tables will be created
  • Map data that will be imported                            
  • Map data that will be typed
  • Understand how many people will work on the system

Often, companies already have spreadsheets and want to improve them. This is where our experience comes in to see if it will be necessary to start the system “from scratch” or if it is worth taking advantage of ready-made spreadsheets. Starting with the spreadsheet, it is possible to create reliable systems and Excel spreadsheets, to avoid the famous infinite “copy and paste” within departments.

Indicators / Analysis:-

They are the most requested by our customers. We have already created systems that integrate with Access and several other systems to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports. Based on customer demands, we create imports and automatic data updates; generate the necessary charts and indicators.

Accounting Reports:-

It is not always that company systems generate all accounting reports exactly as managers want to receive. In these cases, we already work to generate Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow, such as the projects we have already carried out for the financial area.

Cash Flow:-

There have already been numerous systems designed to control the income and expenses of commercial establishments and even for large companies to be able to check between the company’s system and bank balance.

Bonus Control:-

Controlling the bonus to be distributed among employees is not always a simple process. We have already developed a system that imported the list of employees from the client’s system, imported the performance evaluation data, and through various triggers, the calculation of the bonus to be distributed to each employee was carried out. In the end, the system generated a direct mail in WORD for each one of the collaborators, informing all the calculations carried out individually on the amount to be received.

Production Control:-

We provide improved registration and control of productions that are not fully automated by systems. For example, we help you to register the data of certain products and generate automatic reports that generate indicators.

Business Proposals:-

If your company does not have a system to prepare commercial proposals, we will probably be able to help you. We have already created systems in excel that prepare commercial proposals, including administration of the prices of each of the items by an administrator, allowing the preparation of proposals always with updated prices by several sellers at the same time. It takes a lot of work, but it can be done.

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