What Do You Know About eResults?


A connection between radiology centers / companies and laboratories to get better and faster results.

In your NetSolutions system, eResults shows an interface of your radiology and laboratory test reports / results. Moreover,

This software allows physicians & nurses long-term solutions & facilities to make them capable of providing an atmosphere where people can see their lab reports online. While it is easy to access and result viewing efficiency increases.

Strong Integration Platform:

NetSolutions provides a strong cloud system integration platform for health care that connects with many different information systems regarding health care. At the time, when you need to change your radiology center or laboratory to entertain with other facilities regarding your situation. So, you don’t have to worry about the data collection as the long-term facility for care avails with all the records in the software to easily attain the information.

The software develops eResults, and the official staff offers the easiest method to access the test reports or results. If there is any update occurs, icon on navigation bar & snapshot notifies you. Tap on the notification and reach to summary screen having updates with latest and previous reports. Moreover, you can develop reports and find the trends you want to have in graph with some specific and recent results.

Working of NetSolutions:

The platform named as Experience Care’s proprietary Exchange helps NetSolutions to make eResults and collect the data by connecting the system with radiology centers and laboratories according to your need. NetSolutions then get results from the system easily.

Your referred labs and radiology centers have a connection with Experience Care’s Exchange Platform that and almost all skillful physicians and doctors integrated in the software. The software also connected with external laboratories of your requirements. While, if your concerned centers are not integrated then platform assures their integration in sometime.

Advantages of eResults:

  • Residents fast access for laboratories results:

Use of NetSolutions helps physicians and doctors to easily access reports from regarding hospitals and radiology centers. It assures fast delivery of treatments and health services to patients / residents.

  • Decrease in visit to Laboratories and fax machines:

By using eResults, the rate of communication between patients, hospitals, externals labs, and radiology center increases, so there is no need to visit labs and fax machines for getting reports or results. Staff upload the reports in soft form instead to provide a hard copy.

  • Predicting future connectivity and technologies:

To prevent form a mess of data NetSolutions give eResults that connect reports and data from past to current stage that saves your money and time by visiting centers and labs.

  • Assemble with HIPAA controls:

When question raises for controlling the system, log in and out, tracking patients reports and areas, and audits. The software provides eResults that provides all important needs and helps in providing facilities in best manner.

  • No need of Hardware:

By using NetSolutions eResults, no need to have monetized hardware that is suitable for all current computer systems for providing long-term care.

  • Allow to access Remotely:

It connects eResults to the Electronic Medical Reports (EMR) channel. By the use of eResults provides through NetSolutions, physicians and doctors can easily access to labs and radiology centers easily to gain reports using many devices like mobiles, laptops, PC, and tablets.

  • Data Security:

The software come up with firewalls and encryption to protect data and only the official staff and regarding patients can get access to reports. It seems confidential to reports and test.

Additional Features of eResults:

  • Show patient’s radiology and laboratories reports in software having high and low range signs.
  • Get notification having alert sign in navigation bar and snapshot appears after results arriving.
  • One or more test results displays in a single report.
  • You can get various access having different roles that helps to get reports in easy manner i.e; CNA sees the report is different from the interface that nursing director DON sees.
  • Results shown in trend and graph for easy understanding.
  • Reports can print as well and enables to save the PDF file.
  • You have the right to choose that connectivity medium which you want to use. It includes some interfaces like HL7, ACORD and other web facilities / services.

Show laboratories and radiology center results in NetSolutions EMR:

Patient’s result come up with some supporting knowledge that involves out of range, in range, range of reference, and measurement units. It makes sure the data to accessible every time wherever to official staff for long term care services.

How can I access eResults in NetSolutions?

  • Register yourself and reach to results online at the URL NetSolutions software.
  • Search for information and see to set your account and results online at the software easily.

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