Enceladus Moon of Saturn is now the Most Probable Place to Spot Alien Life

The scientists at the NASA disclosed about its Cassini spacecraft traced that the Ocean on Enceladus, which is one of the 62 moons of the Saturn, may include all those ingredients needed for life to exist. A trace of the building blocks of life, complex organic molecules have lately come in to notice by the astronomers on the freezing small moon. The ocean was invented beneath the frosty Enceladus back in 2015, and since then astronomers were highly optimistic that this might be the reason behind hosting a new life.

However, it’s too early to conclude that there’s life on the sixth largest 62 confirmed moons of Saturn; Enceladus, but the existence of a source of energy, liquid water, and organic molecules are what triggered the scientists to think so. This is because all those are the main sources to support any life and Enceladus seems to have all three. Using information from a dead spacecraft, a team of international astronomers for the first time has invented complex organic molecules belching out from Enceladus. A Geochemist at the San Antonio’s Southwest Research Institute; Christopher Glenn stated to MACH in an email that they know Enceladus consists of all the three ingredients.

Glenn who is also the co-author of the study told that apart from Earth no other planets in the solar system has no such evidence of all the three requirements necessary for life to exist under a contemporary environment. The subsurface ocean of Enceladus is a habitable place and researchers think that these organic compounds generate a core of Enceladus and then drifts into the surface ocean through hydrothermal vents, prior it escapes through the icy crust cracks of the moon. Glenn further added that they found the thing but now requires better attention and understanding about it.