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Emma Stone – is a known name in the world of acting and comedy. She is one of the most talented and hardworking American actors. Stone married writer and comedian Dave McCary and had a daughter. She appeared in a TV show known as ‘In search of Partridge Family’ for the first time. Then she appeared in the movie ‘Easy A’ in 2010, earning colossal fame. 

Emma plays the role of a drug addict in a Birdman movie. She plays a brilliant role in this movie, so she was nominated for the “Best Supporting Actress”. Her blockbuster films of all time include:

La La Land:

In this movie, Stone plays the entirely aesthetic role of Mia. The movie’s tale consists of a love story where a jazz pianist and Mia get the feeling of affection for each other. They are in Los Angeles, where they are chasing their dream. But they have to part ways to achieve their goals in the end. It is a heartwarming story directed by Damien Chazelle and released in 2016. 

The Help:

Another fantastic movie by Emme stone was released in 2011. Tate Taylor directs this movie. The story involves the routine life and issues of African and American maids during CRM – Civil Rights Movement. In this movie, Stone plays the role of Skeeter Phelan in a drama based story. 


It is an American comedy film in which three students struggle to search for a safe place and escape from the zombie apocalypse. Later on, they meet with a stranger, and together they move on a long road trip towards the Southwestern United States. It is multiple genre movies such as Sci-Fi, adventure, comedy, and horror directed by Ruben Fleischer. Emma Stone has played the role of Witcha. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love

It is another movie by Emma Stone that hit the screen in 2011. In this movie, she plays the role of Hannah. A guy name Cal Weaver married a girl, and it’s been 25 years. They have two kids and have a good life, but later on, her husband realises that Hannah prefers someone else and demands a divorce. At this time, Cal meets Jacob and learns to pick up girls. The directors of this fantastic story are John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, which involve drama, romance and comedy. 


In this movie, you will find two friends named Evan and Seth. Both of these are not popular at school, get an invitation to join the party. They insist on getting drinks to impress their crushes and make physical relationships before school ends. But their entire plan disrupts at the time when cops stop their nerdy friend named Fogell, who holds a fake ID. The movie is directed by Greg Mottola, based on the comedy genre and was released in 2007. 


The character of this movie named Estella is a teenage and brilliant robber focused on gaining recognition for herself in the fashion business. She suddenly finds a duo of crooks who trigger her inclination toward badness, and soon the trio of them settle their lifestyle in London street.

As Estella meets fashionista icon Baroness von Hellman, she accepts her evil side and changes into a chaotic and revengeful Cruella Devil. The director of this fantastic movie is Craig Gillespie, and based on adventure, comedy, crime and drama. 

The Amazing Spider-Man

An irradiated spider bites Peter Parker, an unliked student in high school; after just being stung by a spider, he develops excellent powers. Eventually, he uses his powers against the terrible creature. This movie by Emma Stone was released on 3 July 2012. In this movie, she plays the role of Gwen Stacy.

Easy A

A girl hears talk of olive with her close friend lying about losing her virginity by one of her campus dudes. Later on, her tale spreads quickly all across the main campus. In the movie, Will Gluck directs, Emma Stone acts as Olive Penderghast. It is not only comedy-drama but also based on romance and comedy. 

The Favourite

The queen of England, Anne, falls sick. Meanwhile, Sarah Churchill, who is her assistant, supervises the essential matters of the kingdom. Abigail, Sarah’s cousin, begins serving Queen Anne, and the twist comes in the tail. Yorgos Lanthimos has taken this movie tale to another level, and this movie hit the cinema on 1 January 2019. “The favourite” won the hearts of millions of people. 


Brain, a military contractor, is back in Hawaii after many years. He connects back together with an ex-girlfriend here and falls in love unexpectedly with Allison. Cameron Crowe, a known director in the world of drama and movies, has sleekly made the story based on comedy and romance. It was released on 29 May 2015. 

Ghosts of girlfriends’ past

Connor, a Romeo, attempts to convince his brother against marriage. The elves of his ex-girlfriends haunt him and give him powerful lessons. In this movie, Mark Waters’s cat Emme stone plays the role of Alison Vandermeer. 

The House Bunny

The story is about a ladies’ man who educates an embarrassing student group regarding the opposite gender to uncover that men are much more concerned about elegance than outward beauty. This fantastic movie was released on 22 August 2008. But it still entertains you if you are a huge fan of Emme Stone. You will see her as playing the role of Natalie Sandler. 

Final Words:

These are the best Emma Stone movies of all time. If you are new, then go watch and enjoy. Moreover, those who are big fans of her should not miss any of these. Let me know which one you like the most. Have fun!

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