Elwing Electric Skateboard Hits 55% of Goal in 2 days

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — September 16, 2016. The team behind Elwing, world’s most compact electric skateboard, has crowdfunded more than 55% of their funding goal in just 2 days.
In their first meet up in 2013 in Shanghai, China, Elwing Boards team of 5 skateboarding enthusiast, decided to develop a product that is fun to ride and easy to commute.

“Electric skateboards seemed to be the perfect solution for what we needed. But all we found on the market were electric longboards. They are super fun to ride, but they are heavy, bulky and expensive,” says the company. “So we decided to create Elwing, world’s most compact e-board,” added engineers.

Electric Skateboard Elwing

Elwing Electric skateboard is powered by 500W in-wheel motor, weighs only 9,9 lbs and can reach speeds of up to 18 mph including 10% inclination uphill. Elwing e-board is equipped with 97 Watts LG Lithium-ion battery, can travel 7 miles on a single charge and it takes only 45min to recharge the battery.

Elwing electric board can also be used as conventional skateboard. “By removing the gears or driving belt we simplified the mechanics, removed the friction and made it much more durable,” says Elwing Boards.

The company pointed out that unlike many crowdfunding campaigns, Elwing Boards team is ready for production. Once Indiegogo campaign will reach 100% goal, company is expecting to pass certifications and launch their production straight away. Currently Elwing Boards is on Indiegogo in order to gain funds and launch their production. You can back them by pre-ordering Elwing electric skateboard here.

Source: ElwingBoards,Indiegogo