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Educational Shows to Help Students at Every Stage!


We wonder what if studies and learning were all fun – and the students didn’t have to grind all day long to learn something the hard way? We could make learning a bit more enjoyable by picking out the best educational shows, movies and series that might contribute to the educational side of society as well.

Are you surprised by the proposition? Well, anyone would be!

This article is all about bringing up excellent educational shows that you might put up in your classroom and let your students do the learning while having the fun they want. Learning is not about heavy books, lots of pens, and notebooks. Sometimes it’s about taking an interest in the subject and understand concepts.

Thanks to the excellent internet services and really affordable spectrum internet prices that the school and other institutions now afford, educational shows to be live in classrooms. This is allowing them to enhance the cognitive abilities of the students and gives them an interest and reason to learn something different.

In this article, we will list down some of the best educational shows that the students can watch in their different grades – such as elementary, middle, and high school. Let’s get started.

Elementary Stage Educational Shows

If you are a teacher teaching at an elementary school, you must be aware of the kids’ preferences and choices. Keeping those in mind, we have jotted down some of the best shows for the kids to watch that might benefit them on the educational side as well.


As the name very fairly indicates that it is a science-based show. However, it tends to answer different sorts of questions that kids might ask, and that might leave you in sheer silence due to lack of explanation. Brainchild is a season that has 13 episodes, and it contains all the interesting facts and excellent activities for the students to keep them engaged in healthy learning and tasks. This is undoubtedly one of the best educational shows.

Ask the Storybots

Ask the Storybots is based on the original educational site and video, but it is an animated one. It has three seasons and 22 episodes to go with. You can watch them all day long and not get bored because of the interesting actions that might keep you busy all day long.

The Magic School Bus

Something more on a fantasy side, right? The Magic School Bus is another animated TV series that teaches kids some concepts after making them rather entertaining and fun. The series is quite an educational show covering different areas such as weather, gardening, the human body, and others. Mr. Frizzle is the character in the show that really helps students understand some complex concepts.

Middle School Stage Educational Shows

Middle school children are a bit grown-up, and we can offer them several options other than the sole kid’s show. Some of the best examples that we might suffice are as follows:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The movie is originally based on the real story of William Kamkwamba, who, at the age of 13 years, save his village. The movie shows how he builds a turbine to save the people from a really bad famine. Additionally, there is also a book that comes under the same title. You can ask the students to read the book as well. This might develop their interest in reading!

Carmen Sandiego

A lot of us have grown up watching the game show starring Carmen Sandiego. It’s always fun to introduce the same characters to a different generation. In the series, Carmen Sandiego, the protagonist, is trying to stop evil and is teaching students some really educationally valuable lessons. Hence, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece if we talk about educational shows for middle school children.

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

If you are looking for something that instills morals in children, and particularly students, Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History is your best call. It recognizes the morals like equality, tolerance, and fraternity that need to be taught to the students in the early years of their lifetime. The Comedian Hart teaches the audience about many brave yet unsung heroes of our history.

High School Educational Shows

High school is the time when students get to learn and see a lot. Hence, it is the best time where they develop an interest in different things that in turn help to shape their future. Therefore, it is critical to watch what they learn and see in these years. Some of the best educational shows for high school students are as follows:

Our Planet

Our Planet is a very honest series on plants and animals. It is originally narrated by David Attenborough and attempts to show all those critical points that the kids and even adults of today might neglect. The series depicts the diversity and vastness of our planet and how it uniquely and beautifully sustains a discipline.

Chasing Coral

It is yet another documentary that shows a lot of hard work and effort. The team has done amazing work under the direction of Jeff Orlowski. The directory involves lots of underwater supports, and more than five hundred volunteers have spent more than five hundred hours under the water to get the best shots. The students who are interested in marine life would definitely love Chasing Coral.


If you intend to watch a story full of motivation and inspiration, Zion is the best choice. Floyd Russ directed this short film that goes for teenage boy Zion Clark. Zion is born without legs and has to live for years in foster care. However, the movie shows how he’s always been determined to make his mark in the wrestling world. Although it may appear quite lunatic for a disabled boy, the story is all about how he does it.

The Verdict

The educational shows that we have talked about in this article are all available on Netflix. All you need is to subscribe to a good internet package. Spectrum internet prices are quite affordable, and you can enjoy the seasons and show with your students quite easily.

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