Educating Your Way To Better Jewelry Sales


We’ve all seen them at arts & crafts festivals. They sit down in the back of their booth’s tables, their nose buried in a e book, their eyes prevented from capacity clients drawing near their presentations, their frame language uninviting and uncommunicative. And, we’ve all heard them complain approximately how negative sales have been. I pay attention it all the time. . . I make beautiful earrings and that ought to be enough for it to sell. Wrong! Your earrings will now not sell itself.

Any artisan who wants to achieve success promoting their creations at an arts & crafts show have to find a way to excite their clients and to provide a cause to understand and price their creations. Your clients need to be knowledgeable with the aid of you, the artisan, why they must fee and preference your paintings. One method i’ve determined to build sales at shows is to pick out one key location i need to educate customers about, work-up the “lesson” prior to a display (exercise it out-loud to yourself), after which focus on giving that “lesson” during a show as frequently as possible. For example, i was having a lot much less success promoting my rings with cabochons in it than the jewellery with facetted gem stones in it.

People simply did no longer perceive the price of the cabochon gems. I evolved an academic talk about cabochons–why are positive gems cabbed and not facetted, why those gem stones are valuable, why my specific cabochons are unique and perfect, the procedure i go through to make a cabochon. I focused on working the speak into my conversations with clients. I related my story about how i found out to make cabochons.

I had a mentor who was in his mid-90s whilst he commenced teaching me the competencies i wanted. He become purpose on passing his expertise and skills on to someone who would appreciate and use them. I was lucky to be inside the right area at the right time and as a end result i used to be capable of present this kind of jewelry to my customers. Human beings became excited after i handed on some of his stories and how many of my cabochons got here from rock specimens he had left to me.

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