Educating Your Way To Better Jewelry Sales


We’ve all seen them at expressions and specialties fairs. They sit behind their corner’s tables, their nose covered in a book, their eyes deflected from potential clients moving toward their presentations, their non-verbal communication excluding and hush.

Also, we’ve all heard them gripe about how unfortunate deals were.

I hear it constantly. . . I make lovely gems and that ought to be enough for it to sell. WRONG! Your gems won’t sell itself.

Any craftsman who needs to find true success selling their manifestations at an expressions and specialties show should figure out how to energize their clients and to offer motivation to appreciate and esteem their manifestations.

Your clients should be instructed by you, the craftsman, why they ought to esteem and want your work.

One strategy I have found to construct deals at shows is to pick one key region I need to teach clients about, work-up the “example” preceding a show (practice it without holding back to yourself), and afterward center around giving that “example” during a show as frequently as could really be expected.

For instance, I was having significantly less achievement selling my adornments with cabochons in it than the gems with facetted gemstones in it. Individuals just didn’t see the worth of the cabochon gemstones.

I fostered an instructive discussion about cabochons-for what reason are sure jewels cabbed and not facetted, why these gemstones are significant, why my specific cabochons are one of a kind and attractive, the cycle I go through to make a cabochon.

I zeroed in on working the discussion into my discussions with clients. I related my tale about how I figured out how to make cabochons. I had a coach who was in his mid-90s when he started showing me the abilities I really wanted. He was resolved to giving his insight and abilities to somebody who might appreciate and utilize them. I was lucky to be perfectly located brilliantly and thus I had the option to introduce this kind of gems to my clients. Individuals became energized when I passed on a portion of his encounters and the number of my cabochons came from rock examples he had passed on to me.

At the point when clients were taking a gander at gems with facetted gemstones, I would figure out how to present one piece with a cabochon and afterward send off into my discussion. They may be taking a gander at a purple facetted diamond; I would acquaint them with a purple cabochon piece. They may be taking a gander at a facetted Brilliant Topaz for a November birthstone; I would acquaint them with a Bloodstone cabochon as an option birthstone for November children. They may be unsure which shade of facetted gemstone would “go with more”; I would acquaint them with a multi-hued jasper cabochon.

Victory! My deals of gems with cabochons expanded emphatically. I had effectively acquainted my clients with cabochons, had expanded the apparent worth of the cabochons in my clients’ eyes, and had gotten them as amped up for cabochons as I’m.

The following show, I picked an alternate point to zero in on-the benefit of buying a high quality chain that is completely patched rather than one made of unsoldered joins. Once more, toward the finish of my show I had expanded my deals of handcrafted chains.

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