Earth's magnetic strength is decreasing for 200 years, satellite images revealed

Earth’s magnetic strength is decreasing for 200 years, satellite images revealed


The whole world is troubled by the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the same time, scientists have increased everyone’s concern by telling about the decreasing power of the Earth. According to the researchers, the
strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing. Its most impact is being seen in areas from Africa to South America. It is emerging as a major problem after climate change.

magnetic force of the earth over the last 200 years, according to scientists is declining. So far, it has decreased by about 9 percent. The largest decrease in magnetic strength is seen from Africa to South America. Scientists call it the South Atlantic Anomaly.

showed that the magnetic force in the area up to 10 thousand kilometers of the earth has become weak. Since the outer layer of the Earth has a magnetic field below 3000 km. In general it should have been 32 thousand
nanotesla, but from 1970 to 2020 it has reduced from 24 thousand to 22 thousand nanotesla.

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