Durian healthy or not

Durian is a fruit which belongs to the tree species named Durio. It is a fruit which is rich in carbohydrates, fats and is also a healthy antioxidant which is very healthy for your body. This fruit is grown in Malaysia, and the people there are very fond of this fruit and indulge whenever possible. But hardly do they know it is not that very healthy. It is indeed considered the king of fruits in Malaysia.

This fruit is grown in most parts of Southeast Asia. This fruit has features like the flavorful taste and strong stench and hence is called a mysterious fruit. It is grown in moist and tropical climate and therefore due to its strong characteristics it has become very famous among the Asians. Some of the myths concerning durian are that’s its heaty in nature, and if consumed with beer it can be dangerous for the person. But in a recent study by the National University Hospital in Singapore has cleared the rumors that all these myths are false. China has recently approved Durians imports from Malaysia so that they could satisfy Chinese appetite. According to dietician Dr Lee Ching that this smelly fruit is full of calories that is it has 145 calories every 100 grams. Not only it is rich in carbs and fats, but it is also proven to be rich in antioxidants which are very healthy. But overdosing of this fruit is also very dangerous and can be harmful to human body. While eating Durian it is imperative to look when we are eating this fruit because if it is consumed before or after meals it would have higher calorie intake putting oneself in the risk of obesity.

In studies, it has also been observed consuming this fruit; it does increase the heart rate among humans, which says that people need to eat it with more precautions. Also, the myth about this fruit being heaty is true to an extent, as this fruit is full of nutrients it does change the body temperature.

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