Donald Trump says-America has faced difficult times and is now heading towards nation opening


The death toll resulting from the Corona virus is steadily rising in America. But US President Donald Trump says the effect of the corona virus is now starting to diminish. Donald Trump said we are now in the next stage of the battle against the Corona virus, suggesting steps will be taken to open up America.

In a campaign, Donald Trump said America is fighting the corona virus, millions of Americans have been living in homes for a long time, because of which we are winning. Thousands of American lives have been saved today, and the process of opening up America will now gradually begin. This announcement by the U.S. President came as there was an rise in the number of people who died of corona in America again in the last twenty-four hours. In the last twenty-four hours, 2333 people have lost their lives in the US, for which 71 thousand have exceeded the overall death toll.

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has now pushed gradually toward opening up America, with several states having relaxed to some degree. In several countries pubs and restaurants have begun to open. Donald Trump, too, will soon begin his election rallies.

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