Does fitness related posts on social sites have a positive or negative effect on your health?

A recent study claims that remarking health related posts on social media might influence you to exercise daily and take care of your health more indeed. If you often have the habit of sharing the health-related posts that your friends post on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account you are either more likely to adopt those activities or paradox it from your personal life, the researchers from the University of Texas States and Arizona says.

Now the question arises whether it can show a positive effect or an adverse effect on human health. Tricia Burke, co-author of the study says, “It might have a positive effect on you or might have a bad impact. There were a certain group of people that seemed to have a negative effect on their personality.”

The positive part of these health posts is that it can induce people to exercise daily and raise a positive attitude towards physical activity. The study involved 232 participants and was asked to visit their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter and have a glance at the posts updated by their friends and family from last 30 days.

They were asked to analyze the number of health-related posts vacillating from hiking to the gym. Later, were asked to choose top three friends from the friend lists who posted maximum health-related markers. List of questionnaires pertaining to their weight, height, and exercise was asked. Eventually, they compared themselves with the set of people who are more health conscious then them along with people who were less health mindful.

The study claims that downward comparison did not affect their perceptions towards exercise while upward social comparison exhibited participants to become more health sentient and motivated to exercise on regular basis.

Stephen Rains, co-author of the study says, “Positive can come out of this study such that people can be driven to exercise regularly and make a positive attitude towards workout but on the other hand can make people feel worse if they are more worried about their weight and fitness.”