Doctor and Journalist Atul Gawande to join Dimon-Bezos-Buffet Health Firm

The three well-known giants who are against the rising cost of healthcare facilities have turned on their heads to Harvard professor, who is not only a surgeon but also a journalist. He is none other than Dr Atul Gawande. The three corporate titans said Wednesday confirmed that Gawande will head an independent company having only one aim; providing better health care facilities and improving a broken and inefficient system for delivering care.

The healthcare venture is basically meant to help the three companies to improve care and lower costs. This venture will be based in Boston and will be headed by Atul Gawande. the three companies and many of their employees are unhappy with the current way of functioning of the system. In fact, the employers have reacted on the part of raising deductibles and other costs thereby asking their workers to pay more bills and to shop for a better deal. Many of the patients majorly the one who is the sickest ones is struggling with that.

Gawande is a prominent name in the world of healthcare policies. Though Atul Gawande’s name has never come up with any marketing brand before this. This will be an independent entity which will be completely free from any profit-making schemes as confirmed by the group. Gawande said that he has devoted his life in a public health career to build scalable solutions in order to have better health care delivery thus reducing suffering and also eliminating wasteful spending not only in the U.S but all across the world. He is a surgeon with medical practice and also is a writer along with being a professor at the Harvard university TH> Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School

Choosing   Gawande for leading the venture suggests that the venture will take a broad look at how to approach fixing health care.