Distance Education At Madras University


The Establishment of Distance Learning at the College of Madras offers various alumni and post-graduate levels. Laid out in the year 1981, the organization has a pleased sponsorship of graduated class dispersed all around the globe. Through distance schooling system, the foundation has courses in both normal and Open College streams.

A common scholarly year at the Establishment of Distance Learning starts in July/August and reaches out till April/May. Notwithstanding graduate and post-graduate projects, there are courses spreading over one year (from January to December consistently) too. The Chepauk Grounds of the College of Madras is the primary scene for confirmation alongside various Spot Affirmation Focuses spread all over India.

The Open College Arrangement of the Establishment of Distance Learning was presented in Madras College in the year 1985. This is pointed toward giving instructive possibilities to individuals who have no fundamental capability except for try to go for higher investigations. The main essential for confirmation in the Open College framework is that the wannabe ought to have finished 18 years old as on July 1 of the extended period of affirmation. In any case, there is a fundamental placement test to test the education level of a possibility to join a specific course.


The different course educational plans somewhere far off learning mode are planned remembering the business needs. The testament and certificate courses are likewise intended to empower understudies teach a specific range of abilities.

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