Discover How Nate the Great Peterman Swiftly Scaled His Marketing Startup Without Paid Advertisements


When someone starts a business from the ground up, they’re often told to remain consistent and understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. And while it typically takes most companies a few years to scale the business to six figures, Symba Marketing is one exception to the rule, proving that anyone at any age can have success. Nate the Great Peterman, the driving force behind the company, has done what most others have failed to do, taking his business from 0 to six figures. Now that more people are resigning from traditional jobs and attempting to start their own businesses, it’s only fitting for him to share his secrets to success.

People are surprised to hear that Symba Marketing scaled to six figures in a short time frame, but they’re even more shocked to learn the company made such great strides without paying for advertisements. While some may have thought it would be impossible to succeed without paid ads, Nate and his co-founder, Daniel Kiani, have proven otherwise.

“The first thing you need to do is figure out what you like doing and wouldn’t mind continuing to do for a living. People who don’t know me think Symba Marketing is the first and only company I’m involved in, but it’s not. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and got involved in network marketing companies before starting the business. I knew that I liked networking, connecting with different people, and handling marketing and branding-related tasks, so I turned that into what is now known as Symba Marketing,” says Nate. “We started with Facebook but ran into some issues with that and would eventually pivot, transitioning the company as a branding and creative agency that now has served more than 300 clients, including leading businesses and social media influencers. Our willingness to adapt and shift helped us grow instead of falter.”

Although knowing what he wanted to do and adapting to changes that needed to happen to succeed was a start, it was only the beginning. Nate and his business partner continued to provide exemplary services to the clients who relied on Symba Marketing to help them with their branding and marketing strategies.

“If you’re wondering how we avoided paid advertisements while growing our business, it’s from referrals. One client would tell someone else about our services, and then it would happen again and again. We knew that our clients were becoming loyal to us because we go the extra mile for them and care about the quality of the services provided,” said Nate. “If we weren’t exceeding their expectations, who knows where the business would be at this point. However, we know that we’ve gotten this far because of the wonderful people we work with and our commitment to them. If you have a business and want to expand without paying out of pocket for extra advertising, focus on strengthening your connection to the customers because their word-of-mouth referrals can get you further.”

Scaling a business to six figures  without paid advertisements might sound impossible, but Nate Peterman proves otherwise, showing the world what good customer service can do for entrepreneurs.

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