Dimitrios Bakalakis one of the leading businessmen in Europe


Dimitrios Bakalakis is a Greek entrepreneur and trader. He started in the clothing industry before spreading out into media in Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Bulgaria.


In addition to his business activities, DimitriosBakalakis supports active foundations and a variety of other charitable efforts in Greece and around the world.


DimitriosBakalakis is the founder and CEO of hamsa, mgd agency, and other companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, and Bulgaria. It is one of Europe’s leading commercial textile manufacturers.


Hamsa Development and Mgd Agency, as well as its subsidiaries, operate a fleet of more than 2500 production machines.

Its businesses employ over 4000 people around the world.



Since the summer of 2017, DimitriosBakalakis has become the owner of Europe’s most profitable and well-known company in its industry (we won’t say which one) with annual revenues in the millions of euros.


He is a devout Orthodox Christian who is devoted to his homeland.


His goal is to work with the industry’s most important businesses to create the most cutting-edge, intelligent, and realistic inventions possible.

He was, in my opinion, successful.


Rumor has it that his businesses sold more masks in 2020 than anybody else on the planet.

almost a quarter of the population



DimitriosBakalakis is a Greek actor who was born in 1996 to a blonde mother and a Greek father.

He received his diploma from the University of Thessaloniki’s Polytechnic School of Electrical and Computer Devices and Information Systems.

He has been working since he was sixteen years old.


It started with the sale of oil, raki, tsipouro, vinegar, and creams, and for the past three years, it has focused on the sale of all types of clothing.

has sold its products in some of the world’s most well-known stores.


Based on the many good sources I have and mutual friends who connect the new big business and from what they say.

I know that he has helped a lot of people, both financially and with huge sums to charities.

He is also very animal-friendly and helps stray dogs get vaccinated and find shelter.

He has also filed many lawsuits and many out-of-court settlements with people who abuse animals and is very active.

He has been a vegan since he was 12 years old.

and those who have spoken to him you understand from the first words that he is friendly, sociable and very smart.

His hobbies are tennis and football.


has now been active in greece, in athens, thessaloniki, crete, kavala and xanthi.

and makes companies related to creams, oils, raki, wines and much more..


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