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Different versions of Gmail accounts in 2021


When you discussed Gmail accounts then these are divided into two different versions, free Gmail accounts, and paid accounts. The number of free version users is about double or more from paid Gmail accounts users. But it should keep in mind that free version users can not use all the features of Gmail. While the user those pay money for Gmail accounts can use all facilities and services of Gmail. If you want to buy Gmail accounts from us, then you will be able to use these accounts as free as well as paid versions. Here are some reasons through those you can differentiate between the paid and free version of Gmail.

You should buy PVA Gmail accounts if you want to become an ideal and successful online company in the digital marketing business.  If you will prefer unverified Gmail accounts, then the results will be negative. And you will be at a loss instead of success. So, don’t care about some money for your business and try to use PVA Gmail accounts. By using these verified accounts, you will get results in positive form.

Custom email address

When you will use Gmail accounts for your personal life then you can use the domain name at @gmail.com. But when you will use this address for your business then you will look cheap. By using these accounts for your business, you will lose your international clients. Because all international clients stress to make a relationship with business custom name accounts. So, when you will need to use Gmail accounts for your personal life then you should not pay for it. Because the business plan starting from $ 5 per month.

Using time

It is not possible that you can use internet services without any issues. Because these services could be disabled for some time. And even Google is also included in it. When the link of Google will down then definitely it will be affected on Gmail. But if you will buy paid Gmail accounts, then you will be able to use about 99.99% of the services of Gmail. You will be free to use the services of Gmail 24×7. Approximately the paid Gmail users could face problems in Gmail using for 9 hours in a year.

But if you are a free Gmail accounts user, then there is no guarantee of downtime. Although, Google tries to give the best services to its users.  But there is no guarantee for free users. While there is very minimum downtime for paid users of Gmail.

Storage memory

Gmail allows using 15 GB of data for emails, documents, phones, and for all other purposes to free version users. But if the matter of business comes, you will get double storage memory for $5 per month for a single user. While you will use unlimited storage memory for $10 per month and if your company has consisted of less than 5 members, then you will be allowed to use 1 TB of data for a month.

If you will be using Microsoft office for your company then this memory will be enough. But if you will start to publish your brand through videos then you will need extra memory. There are several memory plans of Gmail accounts for business and the last plan is that you can get 30 TB of data for only $149 for a single month.

Customer support center

This is the biggest advantage for paid users while the biggest disadvantage for free users. It is real fact that having Gmail free accounts, you can get access to Google Docs, Google Sheets as well as some other services. But if you are suffering from any problem in using these apps then you will be helpless. Because there is no option of contacting the Gmail support center free users. But if you are a paid user then you can contact the Google support center when you will face problems. So, it is the best advantage that you can get in only $5 per month.


You will never want that you are busy with your work and anyone disturbing you. So, when you will pay $5 for a month then you will get rid of ad disturbance. Because the free users are facing these issues. And small text ads appear in the inbox of Gmail. And when you will click on these accounts then you will reach another website that is not your target. But here you should keep in mind a thing that no other third party can get access to your inbox through these ads. So, if you are a paid user of Gmail then you will be free from the ads and you can carry on your work without the problems of ads.

Google app marketplace

If you are using the free version of Gmail accounts then you will be unable to install some other third parties apps with the use of the Google apps marketplace. And if you are required these apps then you will need to buy these apps through other software companies

There are two benefits if you will install these apps through your paid Gmail accounts. You can share your data with other online apps easily. It will be easy for you to transfer your data from one app to another app.

Another benefit is that if you want to install more apps then you will not use other usernames and passwords. But by using your business accounts you can do all these activities. So, it is the best way through that you can save your time as well as money.

Above we have mentioned some important differences between paid as well as free version Gmail accounts. If you want to save your money by buying Gmail free accounts, then you will be unable to get access to many useful products and apps.  But when you want to get all the benefits of Gmail accounts then you will need to buy Gmail accounts.

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