Shabnam Faria

Did he dream of me and order me?


Actors Tahsan Rahman Khan, Rafiat Rashid Mithila and Shabnam Faria could be arrested at any time if the allegations of cheating by a customer of e-commerce company Evali are proved. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Ramna Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sajjadur Rahman told reporters on Friday. Reported. Though Tahsan from the United States and Mithila Prothom Alo from Dhaka responded immediately, it was not possible to talk to Shabnam Faria. The phone number he used was off, Facebook was deactivated. Messenger and WhatsApp did not respond until late at night. When Shabnam Faria first spoke to Messenger on this issue, it was 11:30 on Friday night. He made several points about the case and his position on the Evali issue.

Cell phone number you used. Even on Messenger and WhatsApp.

I slept all day. I woke up in the afternoon. When I woke up, I saw the story in the news. It was like reading from the sky. Not involved with anything, became the case. Everyone in the house was shocked. So I was silent without speaking. Later I thought, no, I have to clear my position. So talking.

Did he dream of me and order me

What is your statement about the case?

I joined Avali on 5th June. The person who sued, he mentioned, bought the product in early May. Did he dream of me and order me? His allegations are baseless. Because, I didn’t work there then. He can’t be inspired by me in any way. Secondly, I have not publicly promoted this company since I joined Evali. As I said at the time of joining, I could not promote their product. Because, I get a lot of money by promoting the product. For example, Tahsan Bhai and Mithila Apur are talking about promoting Evali – they get money for all this. So why not give me money to promote these products? Then they agreed to my terms. So I did nothing after joining. I posted a post on Facebook when Jamuna Bank wanted to invest one thousand crore rupees. I am not alone in the post, I think 80 million people in Bangladesh shared that day.

What did you think of joining Avali?

Tahsan Khan, one of the top three superstars in Bangladesh at the moment, is the brand ambassador of Evali. This Evely is the sponsor of Bangladesh cricket team, the sponsor of RAB movies, the sponsor of 500 million rupees for a government event যদি if the foundation of a company is not strong, then how can it do so much! Other than that since I started my Masters, the subject was Media and Communication, also since it is a job of Media and Communication, I thought if I join here, I will have an experience. You can also say that people all over the country believed in Evali and ordered the product, so I went too. I am not from another country or another planet. But it is also true that I have never publicly promoted Evali. But I did not get a single penny salary from Evali.

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