Did America invent cars?

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The answer would a big no a lot of people think you know Ford from America invented it that was no way the truth or anywhere close to reality.


Some of the players who helped create it include the following countries

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy

Notice no America here they had no even slight connection it was designed as way to help people get away from horses  to allow faster movement plus horses went to the toilet a lot meaning it was often people full time job just cleaning up after there own horses or other horses the UK still have some bars which in the past were used by people who did the horse riding of the past some of them even kept horses under ground or had like mini stables to allow people to have drink or do business while the horses were inside the stable part of the bars overall or other places a like.

The car allowed people to conduct business such as through the lorry which allowed people to be able to transport goods all around the world a lot cheaper and faster than the past horses which now most people just use them as like hobby pet or because they find them very pretty overall.

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