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How to Develop A Culture of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has become the key to building a successful business as it helps to strengthen employee productivity and loyalty in the workplace. According to a study published in Smarp, enterprises with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable and have an 18% greater employee retention rate.

However, driving engagement within the organization isn’t as simple as it sounds since only 15% of the global workforce is engaged with their work while a staggering 85% think their work profile is below their potential. With the ability to improve workplace efficiency, it can be said that a robust employee engagement strategy is the recipe for success for a business.

If you are looking to steer employee engagement in your company to higher rates, you must start by taking a look into your corporate culture.  Where positive culture and recognition with purpose springs out extrinsic motivation amongst the employees, poor corporate culture brings down their morale.

In this article, we will help you create a nurturing culture of employee engagement in your company.


Ways to Develop a Culture of Employee Engagement:


1. Foster transparency and non-restrictive employee communication

With recent studies revealing that companies having open communication are four times more likely to have high levels of employee engagement, it is increasingly becoming crucial for enterprises to adopt open communication policies.

By encouraging transparency and non-restrictive employee communication, the employees of your company would feel more confident in sharing their stories. The introduction of open communication policies would inculcate pride in the employees towards your organization, making them more invested in their work.

Hence, transparency and non-restrictive employee communication would foster a culture of employee engagement in your company.


2. Convey appreciation and recognition

Did you know that nearly three-fourth of the employees feel unrecognized at work? Social Cast says 69% of the employees tend to work with greater dedication if they felt their efforts were appreciated and recognized at the workplace.

Since employee appreciation and recognition are a significant driver of engagement among the employees, you must take the necessary steps to make your employees feel appreciated at work. You could do so by celebrating the success of your business with your workforce and introducing recognition award programs, such as the employee of the month award.

In other words, conveying appreciation and recognition would drive employee engagement in your organization.


3. Stand behind your employees

It is a well-known fact that employees who feel cared for and supported by their employers are actively engaged. They are more likely to give their best for the company. Thus, building a corporate culture where employees feel seen and cared for is of paramount importance for promoting engagement among the employees.

To create an environment of support for the well-being of the employees, you could set up internal support mechanisms, such as career mentoring and workshops. Another way of fostering a supportive environment is by inciting the managers to organize face-to-face meetings so as to reinforce a human connection with the employees.

Once you implement the above-mentioned engagement techniques, you must communicate them to your workforce. However, the communication won’t end after a few efforts- it is a perpetual process involving both internal and external communication channels. Hence, the success of these employee engagement methods would depend upon effective communication.

After you introduce non-restrictive communication channels along with recognition and employee engagement programs, you would observe that engagement within your organization has gone through the roof!


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