Deutsche Welle: Electric scooters take on Europe

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, has published video featuring
german entrepreneurs that are using lightweight electric motor to power conventional skateboards and scooters up to 40 kilometers per hour.One of them happens to be – The Mellow Board; mountable electric drive that turns any conventional skateboard into an electric skateboard.

mellow board electric skateboard

Caption: Mellow Board

According to video report, Mellow Board has an electric range of 15 km and is controlled with the wireless remote.”When you’re back in the city, you miss that feeling of riding the wave or racing in deep snow.And that gave us the idea of building a drive system that adapts that for everyday life,” says Mellow Board founder, Johannes Schewe.

Entrepreneur and creator of Egret electric scooter, Florian Walberg, says he hopes that electric-drive personal mobility devices will be street legal by late 2016.

Source: Deutsche Welle