Dembele has an incredible salary for Barca


Usman Dembele is not on the field yet. Not an old disease, this time the victim of coronavirus is infected with that covid and is in quarantine for 14 days. The French forward from Barcelona also got injured last month.

He was out of the field for 16 days. In fact, Dembele has been out of action for most of his time at Bar্সa due to injury. Now, if such a player is sitting on the unexpected fee during the renewal of the contract, then what else can Barাa say!

Of course, the situation has to be seen from Dembele’s place. Although Amit came to Barcelona in 2016 with the promise of talent, he could never be a regular in the team due to injury. He was out of the field for 191 consecutive days only in the 2019-20 season due to hamstring injury.

Even in this season, he has to stay out of the field for 134 consecutive days due to knee injury. And in the 2016-17 season there were 108 days. Apart from this, Dembele has been out of the field for 6 consecutive days, 42 days or 34 days in Barca. As well as retail day accounts!

The 24-year-old forward got married a few days ago. Who knows how many days you can stay on the field in top level football due to injury! It is wise to earn as much as possible to have time to get married — Barca supporters can now say that they are joking.

Whatever it is, the new news about Dembele is that he is going to be a free agent at the end of the contract period in the new year. Catalan club coach Xavi Hernandez wants to retain Dembele as part of a new project. With that in mind, Barcelona offered the French star a new five-year deal. But Dembele has rejected the offer.

Why? According to Catalan journalist Gerard Romero, Dembele and his agent have demanded a fee of 40 million euros per season in a bid to renew their contract. Dembele also wants a bonus of two million euros to sign a new contract.

Debt, who is in debt, is desperate to cut costs, with Dembele, who earns more than 1.5 billion euros per season, appearing in the Barca squad as a “white elephant” due to his injuries. The number of matches he has played does not do justice to his salary.

Now Barca will accept Dembele’s unimaginable whimsical offer in the new contract proposal! Barca are in trouble to bring Torres back and register him. Dembele’s salary has been reduced and the club has dcided to use it in this sector (Torres).

In the current financial situation, Barca will not be able to register Torres as their player. So naturally the discussion on tomorrow’s agreement did not see the light of day. Dembele’s claim was rejected by Barca.

Dembele would have been the highest paid player in the club if the Catalan club had agreed. Romero said that Dembele is no longer staying at Barca . He will not renew his contract with the club.

Dembele’s agent cited the example of Philippe Coutinho and Antoine Griezmann’s wages in the negotiations with Bara. Meanwhile, Barca have been trying to take Arling Harland in recent times.

According to Spanish media, Dembele is seen by his agent as the future of Barca . For this reason, when Harland came to Barca , he did not agree to extend the term of his client at a lower salary than the Norwegian star.

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