decorating trend 2023

Decorating trends 2023: what will your interior look like?


Who says new year, says new decoration trends. Raw materials, Japandi style, new colors… Find out what your interior will look like with the top decor trends for 2023.

Decoration trend 2023

Who says new year, says new decoration trends, and not the least.

Back to clean lines, organic shapes, new color palette, natural materials and new decorative styles. The 2023 top trend is full of beautiful promises to renew our interiors.

This without putting an end to past trends since we will find raw, authentic and the great return of the seventies style.

New trends that will undoubtedly not leave you unmoved.

Discover without delay what your interior will look like with the key decoration trends of 2023.

1. 2023 decorating trend for a return to basics

More refined and minimalist interiors

The 2023 trend sees interiors become lighter home with keki interior design blogger, to achieve a more airy spirit, conducive to well-being and appeasement.

Storage, optimization of space, clever layout… No more clutter and the accumulation of fanciful decorative objects. For this new year, we advocate simple and organic shapes, clean design for furniture, and minimalism.

Prefer smooth, aesthetic but above all practical furniture, fine and pretty table or seat bases, and raw and authentic materials.

The styles can vary with sober contemporary, Scandinavian, or a few colorful vintage touches … we are aiming for a sober, elegant but still warm interior.

Bespoke furniture at the top of the trends

A clean interior is an interior where the space is optimized and tidy.

Choosing made-to-measure furniture gives you the opportunity to introduce this storage in less used corners such as under a staircase or in a corner of a wall, for example.

Opt for furniture with clean lines, smooth, handleless and with plenty of storage. They blend in with your walls and your decoration, for a sleek and visually larger space.

In a bedroom or kitchen, bring this furniture up to the ceiling.

Towards the Japandi style

If there is a style that combines minimalism and sleek design, it’s Japandi.

This new style that mixes Scandinavian hygge and Japanese spirit joins the TOP styles to adopt for your interior in 2023.

Choosing this style in your interior is conducive to well-being, authenticity and functionality. Your furniture must be of good quality but above all simple to use and live with.

2. Nature in the spotlight in the top decoration trend for 2023

Raw and authentic materials

After several months of confinement, the desire to install a more natural atmosphere at home takes over.

Wood, steel, concrete, terracotta, barely cut stone… The new trend for 2023 is to favor craftsmanship and opt for raw and authentic materials that will give your interior a real cachet.

Dare with concrete floors, brick walls, travertine furniture, steel decor and a rustic atmosphere with wood.

Although already very popular, this year again it is the wood that wins. On your tables, your chairs, your bookcases, or as a claustra it will be the most beautiful effect. Inspired once again by the Nordic countries, wood will bring warmth to your space.

And for more softness you can choose other natural materials such as wicker or bamboo, also very trendy for 2023.

Soft and comforting materials

The curly wool armchair

As you will have understood, the 2023 trend is above all the importance of well-being at home. Adding cocooning and comforting materials to your interior is therefore essential.

Curly wool will be the material not to be overlooked for 2023. It will be used on armchairs, sofas, rugs to bring softness, texture and warmth to your furniture and your space.

Available in several colors, it is in white, ecru or cream that it will be the most adapted to a natural atmosphere.

The comeback of velvet

Velvet is making a big comeback in decoration and just like curly wool, it will also be very present in interiors in 2023.

Chic and pleasant to the touch, it will bring a real wave of softness to contrast with raw or rustic materials. This soothing material will make a strong comeback in the living room and bedrooms mainly, through some furniture and decorative objects such as sofas, armchairs, poufs, cushions or bed linen.

The opportunity, through this material, to bring a touch of color to a space for a natural and design effect at the same time.

3. A new color palette to energize your interiors

Colors inspired by nature

It’s official, the 2023 trend will be 100% natural, even down to the colors.

Indeed, the hues that are essential for this new year are earthy colors ranging from beige to terracotta, shades of blue and sage green. Strong colors that will be contrasted with softer and sober shades such as beige, gray or pastel colors.

These colors that invite you to escape are suitable for all rooms in the house. Indeed, on decorative objects or on the walls, these colors adapt everywhere.

Back to the 70s with Klein blue

In trendy interiors in 2023, soft, neutral and sober colors are still very present. However, strong colors invite themselves more to give character to a room.

For this new year, the flagship color will be Klein blue. Inspired by the seventies, it brings refreshment and dynamism.

On the walls or on furniture, this color will harmonize perfectly with more sober and timeless tones such as the different types of white, or even gray.

Blue will highlight the wall, enlarge a room and be a real breath of fresh air.

A mix and match of colors for 2023 decoration trends

The mix and match of colors is also invited into our interiors in 2023.

Vases, crockery, accent lamps, chairs…many decorative objects will be adorned with a mix of different colors that go well together to bring a modern and designer touch to a room.

4. Redesigned furniture

More welcoming organic shapes

Inspired by art and nature, this year we make way for the organic style. We favor minimalist and modern furniture and decor with sinuous and soft shapes.

Right angles and sharply shaped elements are replaced to soften the look and give a sense of calm and comfort.

Finally, we make the link between our interior environment and the exterior by betting on natural colors and materials for these new decorative objects.

The comfort of curves

Mirrors, sofas, armchairs…, our decorative objects take on curves to become design, enveloping and above all much more welcoming.

Pebble-shaped pouffes, all-round hanging chairs, rounded coffee tables… Shapes that meet the needs of comfort and safety.

And the star piece of this new year is the round, plump armchair with a sausage backrest. An armchair that gives us the impression of stretching out our arms for unequaled comfort.

From decoration to generous forms

In 2023, we see everything in a big way.

The light suspensions are essential in very large size above the dining table or to display the lounge area. Rope and rattan, natural materials, remain the trend for lighting in 2023.

The very soft rugs round out, multiply and overlap to dress the floors very softly.

Finally, the straight sofas recline facing the large rounded sofas with very deep seats and generous shapes.

5. Sustainable and committed decoration

Deco trend 2023 with upcycling

More environmentally conscious than ever, the 2023 trend is towards more sustainable and committed decorations.

Upcycling, i.e. the fact of recovering objects or materials intended to be thrown away to give them a second function, is essential in the new decoration trends for 2023.

The furniture reused and brought up to date, found in flea markets, with an imperfect finish, will bring an industrial touch but above all character and charm to the room. And that’s what we want in 2023!

More respectful linens

Respect for the environment will also be a strong argument in the choice of your textiles.

Indeed, for bed linen, curtains or bath towels, we will choose natural materials such as linen or hemp and, as far as possible, produced locally.

Variations of light and bright shades and a raw appearance, to be in perfect harmony with the new 2023 decoration trends.

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