Dani Alvez is returning to Barcelona

Dani Alvez is playing at the lowest salary


How many people do nothing to play in the favorite club!

Take the case of Dani Alvez. When he left Barcelona in 2016, the farewell was not pleasant at all. The Brazilian legend left Barcelona with a lot of anger and pride in his mind towards the previous club owners. Even after leaving Barca, he has been in full swing, from Juventus to PSG, Sao Paulo — he has had a successful time for every team. Won the Copa America for the national team, won the Olympic football gold.

Alves returned to Barcelona

Who knows if Alvez’s success outside of Barcelona burned Barcelona’s mind. However, Alvez’s love for Barca has not diminished a bit. At the age of 36, Kamal would not respond to the club’s call. However, Alvez understands that the club’s financial situation is not exactly favorable. The right-back has agreed to play in Barcelona for the lowest salary.

A few days ago, unconfirmed sources reported that Alvez would receive a salary of only one euro a week from Barcelona. Although not one euro, Alvez is getting the lowest possible salary. According to Spanish media La Vanguardia, Alvez has agreed to play for the lowest salary allowed in La Liga. According to La Liga rules, clubs will pay players a minimum salary of 155,000 euros per year.

Xavi, when Alvez was a teammate

In other words, there is no player in any club who plays for less than this salary.

In other words, this star will get about 2 thousand 960 Euros per week. About three lakh rupees as in Bangladesh. Many players of the youth teams of the clubs get paid more than this. Understandably, to return to a favorite club, to play under dear friend Xavi, Alvez was looking forward to!
It remains to be seen how effective Alvez’s departure will be for his beloved Barcelona!

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