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Customer Service: How to use “Surprise and Delight” Marketing


Interesting stories about customer service: How to use “surprise and delight” marketing

The “surprise and delight” marketing strategy has become an essential component of a business’ method to retain long-term customers and improve customer service. To define it, it is rewarding customers out of the blue with a valuable award entirely out of goodwill. The purpose behind such a marketing strategy is to catch customers off guard and, in doing so, increase the company’s profitability and customer loyalty.

I want to share a personal example. I’ve been a long-term shopper at Sephora and had probably ordered tons of makeup and skincare products before they decided to surprise me with a gift. I’d, as per routine, had ordered a few products that needed to be replaced, and to my delight, they’d put in a voucher for me to use the next time I made a purchase. It was their way of thanking and rewarding me for being a loyal customer. This was just an example of a surprise and delight marketing strategy I’ve personally experienced, but numerous such tactics can be implemented.

The surprise and delight gestures do not have to be big and heavy on the pocket. Businesses can use small gestures to connect with their customers and personalize their experiences. For example, sending a handwritten note with their order or sending a birthday or anniversary greeting over email. It’s the small things that would bring about a smile and would, in turn, make interaction with your business memorable for the consumer. Another way to delight your customers would be to start a loyalty program with points. Customers can then use those points to purchase an item or service free of cost.

A few businesses use the surprise and delight marketing tactic to get feedback on their new products or services. This not only increases customer loyalty, but you’ll find customers will feel more comfortable sharing honest reviews. Essentially it’ll allow you to improve weak areas in business.

The surprise and delight marketing technique is convenient to contact lapsed customers who have not used your services in a while for one reason or another. Emailing them with a coupon for the next purchase or just offering them to drop by for a free service might gain you a new long-term customer.

Surprise and delight marketing does not include sales and promotional offers. It’s just a treat for the customers, is offered without specific terms or conditions, and is given unexpectedly. With so many options around and so many businesses offering a wide range of products, this is a valuable approach to gaining and retaining loyal customers. However, and undoubtedly, the need of the customer and the value you’re offering have to be kept in mind in order for the “surprise and delight” program to have a considerable positive impact on the business.

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