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Courtesy of Chef Adam Schihab at the Vanille Restaurant

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Experience the Nutritious Strength of Monkey Fist Danish

Chef Adam Schihab, known for his culinary expertise and innovative cooking and baking skills, has become a renowned chef in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His reputable hotel, the Vanille Restaurant at Al Khobar, has become an eye-catching spot for both the tourists and locals. He has served a variety of innovative dishes that includes French macaroons, Bi-Color Croissant, Tenderloin Filet-Mignon, and gluten-free bread, which is the healthiest bread available right now and specially made for diet conscious people.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.

-Thomas Keller

Located in the heart of the city, Vanille Restaurant, Since Adam Schihab joined the restaurant, the progress has become swift for both the restaurant and the chef. But now the things are becoming even more interesting as he is going to introduce another innovative and mouth-watering dish in the A la carte menu. He has given an excellent name to his dish, “Monkey Fist Danish.” Monkey fist? Sounds interesting. Right? Well, here is the explanation why Chef Adam called his dish Monkey Fist. As per the thoughts of Schihab, the people of the Kingdom were looking for something different and exciting in terms of looks and taste. So, Adam started focusing on the Viennoiserie items and pondered what innovations he could bring into his delicious products. In the end, he resulted in a classy bakery and creamy item of Monkey Fist.

As the dish monkey fist, Danish looks impressive from the outside; it is also full of taste from the inside. This monkey fist is filled with creamy, sweet, and yummy Hazelnut chocolate and baked at an appropriate heat. After the process of baking, when a ready monkey fist danish is opened from its center, the melted hazelnut chocolate rushes out of it, and its smell fills the environment with a typical but lovely chocolaty fragrance.

It is because of chocolate-filled Monkey fist danish that has made Chef Adam and the restaurant a place in the people’s hearts. People cannot wait to get their Monkey fist and fill their mouths with delightful, sweet, and melted hazelnut chocolate. As soon as the people become free from their daily duties and responsibilities, they rush towards the Vanille Restaurant at Al Khobar to feast themselves with delightful dishes and desserts of Chef Adam. The most interesting thing about Adam’s dishes is that they are not only attractive and tasty, they are also complete nutrition and healthy for each person. People are even allowed to choose the doneness of their desired dishes, either meat or sweet.

From the islands of Maldives, the passionate Adam Schihab is not only a chef or baker, but he is also an entrepreneur and food influencer. He has worked in ten countries and has a broad experience of 23 years. From every platform of life and especially from social media, Adam inspires a considerable amount of people. He influences them on how to become successful chefs and bakers in their life. To read about the achievement of Chef Adam Schihab, where you could find more, then go here. Moreover, Adam Schihab is also an administrator, outshined communicator, and a problem solver.

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