Coup’s GM on Partnership With Electric Scooter Maker Gogoro

BERLIN, Germany — October 7, 2016. In August, electric scooter maker Gogoro made another step to expand its rapidly growing battery swapping infrastructure named Gogoro Energy Network by partnering with Coup, a smart electric scooter sharing service based in Berlin.

Coup is not the only company embracing the electric scooter sharing services industry – the list of e-scooter rental service providers that get involved with sharing platforms include firms like LoopScooters, CityScoot, and Saturna Green Systems.

The latest partnership with Coup, positions Gogoro as a leader among electric scooter makers when it comes to the sharing infrastructure.

This collaboration is not just an important milestone for Gogoro, but also for Berlin based Coup.

While Gogoro is already the Taipei‘s leading electric scooter manufacturer, with more than 10,000 customers and 7,000+ batteries swapped daily, it still has a enormous growth potential, both in terms of electric scooter sharing services and geographical markets.

Gogoro is planning to expand its global presence, launching its service in the U.S., and also has the potential to add more smart mobility services. To do so it needs a strategic partner just like Coup.

Urs Rahne, GM of Coup

Caption: Urs Rahne, GM of Coup (Photo© Gogoro)

To learn more about Coup and how this new partnership is going to change transportation in Berlin, The Gogoro Team published an interview with Urs Rahne, General Manager of Coup and Partner at BCG Digital Ventures.

Coup, a subsidiary of German industrial technology giant Bosch, is an electric scooter sharing service currently based in Berlin and could eventually expand to other European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris or London.

“It was the Bosch Mobility Services team who got hooked by the idea in the first place. The team was screening for opportunities in the transportation space that had the potential to drive fundamental change. Market timing seemed just right for launching a shared mobility platform that catered to urban mobility needs with an entirely new class of connected and electrified two-wheelers,” Urs Rahne says.

Coup, Gogoro electric scooter, Berlin

“Thus Coup was born. […] Gogoro was quickly identified as the perfect match – and, fast-forward to a few weeks ago and Coup has come out of stealth mode to global notoriety for our mission to re-connect urban life,” he continued.

Urs Rahne, head of Coup’s side of the business in Berlin, emphasized comparatively inexpensive service costs versus its competitors.

“Coup is the only eScooter sharing service globally, that is running on the innovative Gogoro platform. And we offer access to this premium riding experience at a crazily fair price: 3 EUR flat per ride, no registration charges, no membership fees, no minutes or mileage based pricing schemes”, the company’s GM said.

“It makes our service very desirable and accessible – just the right balance for transforming urban mobility habits”, he added. - Gogoro, Berlin

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When Asked why was it important for Coup to partnership with Gogoro, Urs Rahne said “that the teams behind Gogoro and COUP shared a similar vision and ambition to truly make a difference in urban life”.

“We carefully screened the market for eScooters around the world, looking for a scooter that was built for a connected future – and at the same time meeting our high standards in terms of quality, security, performance and user-centric design of the scooter, battery and charging infrastructure. As the globally leading Smartscooter brand, Gogoro stuck out as our natural partner,” he added.

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