Cosmic explosions reveal material missing after universe formation

Cosmic explosions reveal material missing after universe formation


According to work published Wednesday in the journal Nature, an experiment with atomic explosions has discovered matter that had been “lost” in the universe since its inception and that scientists had hunted for 3 decades. In the enormous space between stars and galaxies, which was believed to exist but had never been observed before, astronomers used fast radio bursts to search “dead matter” . Using a phenomena known as transient radio bursts, the researchers were able to find the missing matter, fleeting pulses of energy that seem to originate from different locations in the sky and last just millisecond.

As described by Jean-Pierre Macquart, a professor at the University of Curtin (Australia) affiliated with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), radiation from fast radio bursts is scattered by missing matter in the same manner as sunlight colors are divided into prisms. “We could now quantify distances at ample fast radio bursts to calculate the mass of the universe,” he said, noting that “only” it took “six” to locate the missing matter. The missing matter, as experts know, is baryonic, or “natural,” and consists of the protons and neutrons that make up the stars , planets and living objects.

Therefore, it is separate from dark matter, which is still very mysterious and comprises approximately 85 per cent of the universe’s total mass, said those responsible for the analysis. He used the Australian square kilometer radio telescope (ASKAP) at the Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory (Australia) to observe large numbers of rapid radio bursts. The foreign team responsible for the discovery included Australian, American and Chilean astronomers.

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