Corona virus control best in India, death rate much lower than in the world

Corona virus control best in India, death rate much lower than in the world

  • Better control position on corona in India
  • 0.2 per 100,000 population in India
  • Death rate significantly higher in Italy, Spain, France

Amid increasing speed of corona virus infection, some statistics for India are not only positive but also energizing. Corona virus, which started from China, has killed 3,23285 people all over the world so far. Of these, the death toll from Corona in India is 3303. This death rate in India is when the number of corona infected in the country has reached 1,06,750. It is a matter of relief that the death rate in India is much lower than the rest of the country as per the population per lakh population.

The Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan himself is aware of this. He wrote in the tweet, ‘India’s record under the control of COVID19 is the best in the world. 4.1 deaths per COVID19 per one lakh population in the world, this rate is just 0.2 in India.

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Death rate in other countries of the world (per lakh population)

Spain- 59.2

Italy – 52.8

Britain – 52.1

France – 41.9

America – 26.6

Germany – 9.6

India – 0.2

The Health Minister has released this chart according to the data till May 19. On behalf of the Ministry, it has been said that the comparative data of reduction in death cases in India shows the treatment management measures for identifying the disease in time. With this, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that India is not behind in their clinical management by identifying the Corona case.

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