Cornwall the UK’s most in-demand place to live

Cornwall the UK’s most in-demand place to live


As the theaters, restaurants and bars of London have had their doors locked, it appears people have been keen to leave the capital, with Cornwall overtaking London to become the most searched for location when it comes to buying property.

It’s been a difficult period for London, with demand low and the convenience of having the office on your doorstep having disappeared due to the increase of remote working. Despite this, the average value of property in London has risen above £500,000 for the very first time, but with the number of buyers slim, many are having to turn to either taking their property off the market or sell through other means such as fast sale property teams like Fast Cash Property, particularly those sellers who have already found their dream home outside of the city.

And it’s outside of the city which is seeing the biggest boom in viewers. Cornwall in particular has seen demand increase significantly, with many seeking a complete change of lifestyle. According to a number of estate agents within the county, detached properties, in particular, have been “flying off the shelves” with the demand for garages, gardens and office space top of the agenda for many.

Cornwall is joined by the likes of Dorset, Devon and York among the most searched for locations this year when it comes to property, while there have also been heightened demand in the likes of Norfolk, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Both coastal and countryside living have been a huge hit with people in cities, with 52% of all enquiries coming from London now being to move out of the city.

Interestingly, it’s a similar story with businesses too, with a 20% increase in demand for office space in rural locations, meaning many companies are also ditching the high-rent spaces in the city for a more laid back rural landscape too.

It’s a trend that will continue throughout 2021, but could also be the refresh London needs, as demand becomes less intense, allowing a younger generation to move in and sample the culture and potentially take the capital forward once again.

For now though it’s Cornwall, and who wouldn’t want to spend their evening’s walking the picturesque coastal paths?

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