Complete Copyright Registration Procedure In UAE

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One of the most often asked questions by new authors is how do I get my Book copyrighted? This is also a highly significant problem. Although most authors are not robbed or copied by anyone else, planning is the greatest protection.

Either you are a new author who needs a copyright agent to get help in copyright registration or someone who is looking for PRO services UAE, Axiom-mark is one of the renown companies in trademark and copyright field. In the whole Arab Country, the Middle East and India they give their services.

Introduction to Copyright

any do not know that the minute you create your work is copyrighted; it belongs only to you. When your work has been published in a certain way, it is yours and you are legitimate. In the case of literary work.

The civil right of the holders of intellectual property is referred to in copyright. Copyright is the right to reuse in simplified language. That means, the original product designers and anyone they grant permission to replicate the work are the only ones who have the exclusive right. 

Copyright law grants authors of the original content the sole right to use the material for a certain period of time and duplicate it to the public domain.

Sadly, legal protection remains fairly nebulous. You know you have it, so maybe a judge would like you to see the copyright being registered.

Copyright registration proves that you own your job legally. So, a copyright agent provides you with the legal evidence you need for problems as long as you own the work immediately.

How to Register for Copyright?

In the UAE, the Ministry of Economy and Trade is responsible for registration of trademarks.

Can be registered by copyright:

  • Economics Ministry of the UAE (Department of Copyright) – 2 – 3 months;
  • Dubai Copyright Office (official INTEROCO, European Union Office of International Copyright) within 10 days.

Following documents are required to apply for copyright;

  • application
  • copyright sample 
  • the identification or visa of the author
  • Right-holding facts (owner)
  • Official invoice transfer acknowledgment –
  • Applicant’s identification info

How Long is Protection of Copyright in UAE?

Copyright object registered in the UAE will be protected during the author’s life and 50 years from the first day of the calendar year after the death. 

For a term of 50 years starting from the first day of the next calendar year of the publishing, the economic rights of collective articles author but not the writers of applied arts shall be covered where a legal person but the author is a natural person, this time shall be determined according to UAE rules on copyright.

Any person (or private group) that is written in application form can be a copyright protector as an author. The Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is recognised and preserved by the writers of all countries of the United Arab Emirates. 

The author is the person who creates and who has a name or work attributed to the person whose name is mentioned on the work, unless otherwise established in a UAE Copyright Law Author.

Copyright Cancellation

Only after a UAE court decision could cancelled copyright (which is recorded by private individuals). No other official bodies in the UAE can cancel the copyright certificate registration.

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