Choosing the Right Supplier for Body Armour


Body armor can be a very useful accessory for anyone whose work involves some amount of danger. Protective equipment has always kept humans safe while undertaking dangerous jobs. 

Choosing the right tactical body armor vest supplier may seem like a daunting task, but with the right idea, it can be simplified. With numerous body armor suppliers out there, you need the best for your safety. Still confused about which armor to get? Learn more about each type to make informed decisions. 

Registered armors

Everybody’s armor has a warranty period. When purchasing armor, make sure that you receive the warranty card. Not all suppliers may provide one. Since your safety is at stake here, it is better to purchase your body armor from a registered business so that you will have all the required documents with you. 

Company Policies

When choosing an armor supplier, you need to fully understand their policies. If you are an officer of the law, it might not be a problem. You will receive official armors as a part of your job. Even then, every armor is ordered with the respective registration numbers and licenses. 

In case you are a civilian looking to buy body armor, it may seem difficult. Many companies and suppliers only cater to law officials. So, procuring armor may not be possible. But some companies do provide their products to civilians. Ensuring the company’s policies on orders made by civilians is a must if you wish to make an order. If they provide the armor to anyone who places an order, you can go forward with the purchase. If companies ask for licenses or if you are a police official, it is best to keep away from those since they focus on sales to law enforcement people only. 

Anyone can own body armor, as there are no laws against it. Individual company policies may be looked into beforehand to eliminate confusion. 

Hard and soft armors

Body armors are of many types. If you are looking for comfortable armor that offers some level of protection, soft armor would be the best choice. This type of armor weighs less than others and offers complete freedom of movement. Due to the absence of extra layers, the protection offered will be minimal. For a job involving less critical threats and demanding more mobility, soft body armor would be suitable. Even though layers are few, they can still stop a handgun. Since body plates are absent, these may not be a great choice to get in the way of rifles. Yet, the lightness and comfort are an advantage for specific jobs like chasing an armed perp. 

Then comes the second type of armor, the hard body armor. Hard armor plates are incorporated into the layers for additional protection from rifles. They usually use these armors in cases of high risk. If the chasing involves rifles, this type of armor comes to the rescue. The armor plates become a little uncomfortable to wear and decrease mobility as it is heavier than the former, yet the extra protection it provides cannot be neglected. Not just guns, these armors protect against sharp knives, daggers, and other life-threatening weapons as well.

Flexible armors

When in a high-risk situation, the ability to act quickly is important. Moving swiftly and efficiently comes with an advantage. Hard armors make this a little difficult, which is why a lot of agencies have shifted to flexible armors. They offer the additional protection required by giving more mobility to the wearer. These armors are capable of protecting against rifles and other fast-moving projectiles that may endanger your life. 

Which to choose?

Having discussed the different types of armor, now the question of which armor to choose remains? The choice of armor is made by assessing the level of threat you will be facing. If it is a minor one, soft body armor will do the deed. But if you are facing a much larger threat, you will need all the protection you can get. 

For instance, if you need to chase and catch a felon, you will need to be able to move swiftly, faster than the perp. In such cases, you will need to wear something that does not hinder your movement or affect your speed. Heavy body armor would not be a wise choice then. Another example is that of Special Forces agents. They face threats that are more dangerous than a handgun. Hence, light armor wouldn’t do the deed. They will need heavy armor from a tactical body armor vest supplier, with protective panels and plates to keep them safe. 

Body armor must be chosen wisely. So is the case of a body armor ensure maximum protection, quality is of paramount importance. Choosing the right company and product will make all the difference to your safety.

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