Choose the best beard style for your face


There are so many men out there who are struggling to find the best beard style because the different style of beard suits different people based on their face shape. In this men’s grooming blog, we are going to discuss the best beard style which can en-suite you based on your face shape.

To get the best period for your shave you also need a trimmer. Our Menhood grooming trimmer will be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a trimmer to get your beard in shape every time you go out. To get the perfect beard style you must know about the shape of your face that it can be helpful to decide the specific style for your hair and your beard. Once you are aware of your face shape it becomes quite easy for you to select the best beard style and also you will be able to experiment a little bit.

The face shape maths

Before digging into deciding the beard style it is very important that you should know about the face shape maths.

  • Total face length- for this purpose you should measure your face length vertically starting from the center of the forehead to the tip of your chin.
  • Forehead- it should be measured horizontally from the center of your forehead where the forehead is the widest and to the measurement from one tip of the eyebrow to the other tip.
  • Jaw- for this purpose you should touch your finger under the ear and then try to identify the area where a 90-degree angle is formed with the jaw. That point should be the starting point of your measurement then start measuring from the jawline to the middle of your chin.

Once you’re done with the face shape maths that multiply all the things found to get your perfect face size. Now the next step is to find out with which face types you fall into-

  • Square face- square face is one of the most common faces identify when categorized by similar measurement with the side of the job forming the angle of 90 degrees.
  • Round- if your forehead and jaw are equivalent but smaller than your cheekbones also the total length of your face is equivalent to each other then your face shape is considered round.
  • Oval face- all the people having oval faces are having longer face lengths as compared to the cheekbones. On the other hand, their jawline is wider than their forehead.
  • Rectangular- your face is said to be rectangular if you have taken the largest measurement of your face while the other things are of equivalent length.
  • Diamond face- Diamond face is similar to the triangular face but here the face length plays a vital role because it is considered to be the longest measure followed by cheekbones forehead and jaw.

It is also possible that you do not fall into any of the categories of a ship mentioned above. You can visit a men’s Salon where a beard specialist can suggest the perfect beard style according to the shape of your face that helps you to look even more groomed and Stylish which definitelyand hence your personality which in turn increases the confidence within you. You should be very particular wise deciding your grades style as it is the symbols of your being and the way you show yourself to the outside world.

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