Celebration of Chittagong Abahani after Thank God goal

Chittagong Abahani got points for Thank God goal


Defensive, midfield or attack – Chittagong Abahani team has no strong side this time! It became even clearer in their first match in the Independence Cup.

They did not lose against Bangladesh Police, this is equal to victory for Abahani! One of the best coaches in the country will have to swim against the current this season of domestic football with a bunch of unknown players.

The new foreigners seemed to be on par with the local players on the team.  Local good players have also left the club. Monaim Khan, the captain of the team from the previous season and right back Mohammad Rocky played for the police today.

The battle for possession of the ball between the players of the two teams

This time the police came down quite sejegujei. Romanian coach Aristicha Chiaoba in the dugout. The onslaught of greedy foreigners. Number nine Afghanistan national team striker Amiruddin Sharifi. Behind him are two attacking midfielders, Adil Cuscos of Moroccan descent from Germany and Danielson Roldao of Brazil. The triangular attack of these three foreigners was quite frozen.

The police could have started the season with a big margin of victory if they had not practiced goal miss.

Services started to miss the goal from the first minute. They could open the scoring in 29 seconds. Local forward Amirul Islam could not reach the goal line from Afghan forward Amiruddin Sharifi’s pass.

The ball bounced around halfway through. Amiruddin, Danielson changed the place and repeatedly confused the defense of Abahani. The Afghan striker has no equal to break the offside trap. Amiruddin, who scored a goal against Bangladesh in the World Cup qualifiers in June this year, wasted the easiest chance of the match in 24 minutes. MS Bablu broke through the offside trap and moved through. Only Abahani goalkeeper Azad was in front of him. The Afghan striker’s tap post touched the head of the oncoming goalkeeper and came out.

After Amirul and Amiruddin, Danielson, who played in the Brazil U-15 team, entered the Miss Book. He took a shot from very close to the goal line near Amiruddin’s Rakshanchera pass. Abahani goalkeeper saved by fist.

Danielson’s goal early in the second half gave the police the lead. Left winger Bablu’s shot was blocked by Abahani goalkeeper and Denilson’s shot was caught.

Despite scoring a goal in the second half, the police could not hold on to that power in the first half. Abahani coach Maruful’s replacement changed the picture of the game.

Maruful started in a 4–3–3 formation. Maruful made a change in the formation and played the team 4-2-3-1.

Abahani equalized 2 minutes after the goal. Nigerian striker Abimobei Thank God shot Rashedul Alam in the hands of the referee ordered a penalty. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Bangladesh Police went ahead in the match

Abahani also got a chance to advance in 6 minutes. Winger Rubel Mia got into the box with the ball on the opportunity of wrong pass of the police defender. Though he had a good chance to score a goal with Thank God, he messed up the opportunity by scoring. Rubel was shown a yellow card for reckless diving.

Although there was no dominance in the second half, the police played to win towards the end of the match. But as in the beginning, they went into the box and messed up. In the end, they have to be satisfied with the draw.

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