China’s Trade Surplus With The US Grew By More Than 17 Percent

President Trump has been attacking China in every possible way in a trade war, but it seems China has stood as a strong opponent. According to the recent reports, China’s trade surplus with the US hit $323 billion benchmarks in 2018, in other words, the surplus has grown by more than 17 percent as compared to last year. According to the report China successfully managed to record a tremendous amount of trade surplus with the US despite going through trade war issues. It seems like China is in the active position since it has got no significant effect on its economy because of a trade dispute. In last year President Trump imposed a vast amount of extra tariffs on those Chinese items which were imported in the USA because of which many Chinese manufacturing companies were in troubles for some time.

However, the recent report says that China’s exports raised by more than 11.7 percent in 2018 on the other hand imports also increased by 0.7 percent in the same period. China’s top officials said that the biggest problem which China is going to face in 2019 is the external protectionism because these are this the only thing which might slow down China’s growth rate. China has already predicted a slow growth rate for the year 2019 and country targets to achieve a stagnant growth of 6 percent only.

However, experts think that this data might be right but it doe not show the real picture of China’s condition. Because many experts believe that China’s export and imports have slowed down in the last month of 2018. According to the report which states that China’s overall export for December 2018 fell by more than 4.4 percent and imports also decreased by 7.6 percent for the same time period.

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