China launches campaign to clean up websites that target minors

China is launching a program to purify websites targeting minors


China’s internet watchdog said a two-month campaign was kicking off to clean up websites targeted at users under the age of 18, saying it wanted to foster a safe online climate. China’s Cyberspace Administration said Tuesday on its website that it would look at material on online learning platforms as well as material that has livestreaming or instant messaging devices targeted at minors under the initiative.

The regulator aims to “strictly regulate information and acts that encourage minors to conduct activities that have value-oriented issues like chasing entertainment stars with no limits in mind or adoring money,” it said. The watchdog also said it recently directed the people responsible for the Xueersi Online School app, a TAL Education Group company, to clean up the “low-brow” content of the app after noticing problems with its videos and posts.

China has stringent content laws ranging from video games to films to music, and it censors everything that it thinks contradicts core socialist values. It has placed restrictions on online play time for young users in the past amid reports of rising gaming addiction among kids.

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