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Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta Receives Largest Donation In History From Arthur Blank


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has received the largest donation in its history from Arthur Blank. This is why it has decided to name its newest hospital as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Arthur M. Blank Hospital. The decision came after the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation donated USD 200 million to the hospital. This is the biggest donation in the history of Children’s Healthcare. The hospital is located at North Druid Hills Road and is expected to open in 2025. The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s Chairman Arthur M. Blank said that it is a great honor for him and his family to be connected to Children’s. “Great honor for me and my family that we are now connected to a hospital that has been doing a lot of research for children,” Arthur said that it is undoubtedly one of the best hospitals that America ever had, and the work they are doing make a difference forever.

Blank is known for doing their best for children as it has donated nearly USD 10 million to the hospital since 2001. The family has also been involved in fundraisers and various activities both in and outside the hospital since 2001. The 1.5 million-square-foot hospital will have state of the art facilities that include diagnostic equipment and specialty beds to meet anticipated patient needs. There will also be a space for clinical trials, clinical research, and overall patient care. Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst said that such a large infusion of funds in the hospital will make children better today and healthier tomorrow.

Donna Hyland, CEO of Children’s, said that they are the only freestanding pediatric healthcare in Georgia and therefore it is their responsibility to leave no stone unturned in serving both the current and future generations of children. “This donation will help in making this facility a reality and this in turn will ensure that we can meet the growing demand of patients. We are extremely grateful to Arthur and family for this generous donation.”

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