Children find it difficult to grasp pen due to increased use of iPads and tablets

Latest innovations and technologies have proved to be boon for this generation. But, as we say the coin has two sides, every innovation has something good in it and some negative parts. The recent study claims that children find it difficult to grasp pen and pencil in their hand due to increased use of iPads and tablets.

Tablets have replaced books and paper today. Hence, writing notes on a piece of paper has become an outdated practice. Group of handwriting experts, orthopedic therapists, and pediatric doctors says in the world of swiping technology, small kids have no practice of writing which has lowered down the strength of their wrist and fingers.

Digital screens are replacing the traditional practice of writing, drawing, painting and making craft articles. Children coming into the school have no strength and adroitness they had 10 years ago. When they are given pencil in their hand they are unable to hold it properly because they are not familiar with writing skills now, says Sally Payne, the pediatric occupational therapist at Heart of England foundation.

The study conducted by these doctors and researchers found 58 percent of children under age of 2 started using tablets and mobile phones and most of the nurseries in the US have mounted communicating smartboards and touch-screen computers to teach lessons to their children.

The National Handwriting Association (NHA) had previously warned the side effects of using tablets at an early stage and how it can impede the writing skills of small kids of this generation. Small kids who start their schooling without performing crafts, arts and drawing are likely to suffer and find writing over the pen more challenging.

It can have a direct effect on academic performance and less literacy rate as it’s the only way to learn how to put words on paper.