Celebrating the New Year in space


Many people have a hobby of celebrating New Year around. So when the opportunity arises, the tourists visit different areas to celebrate the beginning of the new year. But how many get the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in space? The astronauts are lucky from this side. This time 10 astronauts celebrated the New Year in space. This is a record in the history of space travel. This has been said in a report of the Russian media Taser. The country’s space agency Roscosmos reported on Saturday that there were seven astronauts on the International Space Station and three astronauts on China’s Tiangong space station during the New Year celebrations. 10 astronauts on two space stations have celebrated the Christian New Year.

A statement from the Roscosmos website said: “This is the largest New Year’s celebration in orbit in the history of manned space exploration. In the last 21 years, 63 astronauts have had the opportunity to celebrate the New Year on the International Space Station. Some of these astronauts have celebrated the New Year in space more than once. Among them, Russian astronaut Anton Shakapalrov celebrated the New Year four times in space. He spent the New Year 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2022 in space.

Celebrating the New Year in space at the beginning of space travel was rare. Yuri Romanenko and Georgi Grecheco were the first astronauts to celebrate the New Year in space from 196 to 197. However, after the launch of the Soviet Mir space station in 1986, New Year’s celebrations in space became a regular occurrence. Twelve astronauts on the Mir space station had the opportunity to celebrate the New Year.
A special dinner hosted by German astronaut Matthias Mauer on the International Space Station was held before the New Year celebrations, according to a report on Space.com. Later, a video of the event was recorded and broadcast. Mawra wrote on his Twitter account, “Happy New Year to all and best wishes for 2022.”

The astronauts of the International Space Station, traveling at a speed of 26,000 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 280 miles above the earth, observe sunrise and sunset 16 times a day. When the New Year’s bell rang in New York City, they celebrated the New Year in space five hours earlier.

According to a report in India’s Hindustan Times, the astronauts took a picture of the first dawn of the New Year and posted it on Twitter. The picture spread widely in the net world. Twitter users have more than 20,000 likes and many comments on these pictures.

The concept of space travel is not new. This possibility has already been discussed, initiatives have also been seen. However, in 2021 it gets a new dimension. In 2022, space tourism is expected to attract more people. For so long, only astronauts had the opportunity to go into space. Private tourism has also started last year. When the world was shaken by the coronavirus infection, the superpowers flourished in business on the one hand, and pursued hobbies by spending huge sums of money on the other. The three of them flew straight into space with some tourists. They are Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the second richest man, and Richard Branson, the 589th richest man.

Meanwhile, the International Space Station is considered safe until 2026. NASA chief Nelson said he hoped the International Space Station would be operational by 2030. In the meantime, NASA wants to create a commercial alternative. Work has already started for this purpose. NASA is providing millions of US dollars to three companies to build a commercial space station. Scientists hope that commercial space stations could be used as an alternative to the International Space Station. NASA-funded companies include US billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, space agency Nanorodax and defense contractor Northrop Grumman.

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