Celebrating the centenary of DU

Celebrating the centenary of DU

On the occasion of the centenary of Dhaka University and the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, the Department of Theater and Performance Studies is bringing to the stage ‘Udayer Pathe Ei Alok Tirthe’. This special research drama has started from the historical events of Palashi desert in 1757 and has come up one after the other. Glorious contribution of Dhaka University in various movements.

The production will be staged at the University Central Playground at 5.30 pm today with the thoughts and coordination of the department teacher Ashiq Rahman and under the direction and planning of Naved Rahman. 56 students of the department will perform the play. Manuscript and introductory music were written by Shankar Kumar Biswas.

The teacher of the department Shahman Maishan has written two basic songs including the concluding music. Kazi Tamanna Haque has planned the melody, music and costumes. Choreography by Amit Chowdhury, rehearsals and background music by Manohar Chandra Das.

Ashikur Rahman, chief coordinator of the event and chairman of the department, said Dhaka University has always been a leader in the liberation struggle. The Department of Theater and Performance Studies is constantly working on the history, politics, development and liberation of this nation. And a special form of this is this special drama performance.

Naved Rahman, the director of the play, said, “Dhaka University has played a strong role in the birth of a state called Bangladesh 50 years ago, inspired by language-based nationalism.” Political, social, economic and cultural — this veteran institution of the country has stood as a dam in any turbulent time of Bangladesh.

The centenary of Dhaka University and the half-century of Bangladesh meet on the same stalk. And this is our attempt to pay homage to this reunion. ‘

In this play, Nazrul’s song, Gana Sangeet, ‘Muktir Gaan’ and three other basic songs have been used. Instrumental instruments used are Nakara, Dhol, Khol, Congo, Flute, Mandira, Gang, Kahan etc. Amit Chowdhury, the choreographer of the performance, said that the work of moving through choreography has been created with some moments of that eventful time.

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