CDC Warns People About a Deadly Super Fungus Expanding Globally

CDC Warns People About a Deadly Superfungus Expanding Globally


Recently, in January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice about a fatal bacterium. It is a dangerous fungal infection which is immune to major anti-fungal drugs. It is spreading across the globe, and scientists are unaware of its origins. The CDC reveals that Candida auris is fungi that resides harmlessly on the skin and mucous membrane. The yeast has sprouted mainly in England, Spain, U.S., Venezuela, and India. Even more, the drug-resistant superbug has infected about 600 people alone in the U.S. CDC stated C. auris had trapped many U.S. regions including New York City, New Jersey, and Chicago. The fungus usually feeds on people with low immune power or weakened immune systems.

As C. auris is surging on an international level, the CDC has declared the pathogen as “urgent threat”. The fatal fungus has sickened more than twelve American who underwent elective surgery at Grand View Hospital, Tijuana, Mexico. But the rapid rise of a dangerous drug-resistant fungus has raised doubts about the confidentiality covering infectious epidemics at American medical facilities. In a new aspect on the surging fungus, the New York Times revealed that symptoms of C. auris include a sudden rise and fall in body temperature. Besides, the CDC briefs that it can lead to infections in bloodstream and ear.

Although, people who are in the hospital and have some severe disease are vulnerable to the infection. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities have reported the epidemic of C. auris. Thus healthcare professionals are worried due to the severe impact of the fungus due to its drug-resistant potential. It even can remain alive on surfaces like walls, furniture, curtains for many weeks. As per the CDC, people contracted with this drug-resistant disease generally die within three months of diagnosis. Many times doctors use antibiotics to stops the fungal and bacterial infections. But this species multiplies so quickly that drugs fail to target them. As a result, the treatments prove ineffective, and the dangerous disease continues to spread. Until scientists identify the reason for the fatal infection, the CDC is recommending people to use hand sanitizers and hand washes before or after touching any patients.

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