Coronavirus Quarantine Period

CDC Might Reduce The Duration Of Coronavirus Quarantine Period From 14 Days To 7 Days


The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might shorten the duration of the COVID19 quarantine period. Health officials have said that it might reduce the risk of COVID19 transmission. In the US, people are advised to stay in quarantine for two weeks from the last meeting with a person who is suspected or has been diagnosed with COVID19 disease. However, now the federal agency is expected to reduce the quarantine period to seven days only. Adm. Brett Giroir, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force has said that health officials are considering this proposal. He has said that there are shreds of evidence, which show that a shorter quarantine along with a test might be able to reduce the quarantine period.

Experts have been giving serious thought to this proposal, however, they want to be fully sure and observe all the evidence before amending the guideline of the federal agency. It is uncertain when this changed recommendation will be officially announced. The officials of the agency have said that they are not allowed to speak much about the change in the guideline before it becomes official. Apparently, the recommended quarantine time might be from seven to ten days for people who will test negative for COVID19. Many experts including Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar from the John Hopkins Center for Health Security have said that they will welcome such a revision in the quarantine guideline by the CDC.

Health experts have said that reducing quarantine time to concentrate on the period of time during which most people are at risk of contracting the disease and become contagious is a wise and realistic move. This decision might increase compliance, said the experts. As per the report, contact-tracing measures have been obstructed in the US due to deep discouragement for contacts of cases to quarantine. A seven or ten days of quarantine time might be bearable for people. It will fetch more contacts of cases to abide by the guideline. The proposal to change the quarantine time has come forth after a study by the CDC itself has shown that multiple short-duration exposures to people who have been diagnosed with COVID19 have led to the rapid spread of the virus.

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