CDC Concerns Early Arrival of Flu Season Across the U.S.

This time, the US winter flu season has arrived earlier than the past fifteen years. Reportedly, a strain of the virus is liable for the unexpected, early arrival of the season. On Friday, the CDC has announced more than a million flu cases. Notably, the figure includes hospitalized cases up to 16,000. Even more, the reports reveal more than 900 people in the U.S. have died due to flu in the current year. Health officials have warned that the ongoing flu season could break records much rapidly than usual. As per health experts, before this flu season had approached early in 2003-2004, which was a devastating one

Scott Epperson, a CDC official, said it relies upon through which medium viruses are spreading from one person to another. As per Scott, there is not a typical trend as far as if it is early; it is going to be harsher. Besides, officials say the virus liable for most of the diseases right now is a surprise version that does not have this type of strength until the end. Reportedly, a before time attack of illness in the South has started to increase more largely. Most importantly, the virus is not that harmful to older adults. But the virus seems dangerous for children and people having age less than 50.

According to the CDC, mostly influenza B/Victoria viruses are liable for the early activity, which seems strange. Reportedly, Victoria viruses are the most ordinarily reported influenza among kids aging between 0-4 years. Even more, more than 40% of cases have been reported in the age group. On the other hand, up to 60% of cases have been reported from the age group of 5-24 years. The CDC has announced a massive rise in flu activity, as of November end, across the U.S. Even more, the number of flu cases might soar as we move ahead towards winter.

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