Cat’s Eye Has Brought a New Trend


The rise of Cat’s Eye on the fashion map of Bangladesh is like a comet. Indirectly Pearsons can be equated with meteors; The beginning of which was resounding but the end was abrupt. As a result, 40 catastrophic years have passed like Cat’s Eye comet.

About the early 1970’s. A couple of young people from Canada made a fuss at the Green Supermarket to satisfy their hunger. The name ‘Gitabitan’. It didn’t take long for Asar Gulzar to rise from the music lovers of the city every day or the walks of the star musicians. Today, the dreamer with a capital of only 54 thousand rupees has left millions of rupees. Generation Perono Institution.

So let’s start with the cat’s eye. The two people I started talking about are neighbors, friends, a lot of backsliding and unknowingly tied to the heart. Bangladesh is newly independent. At that time, they were committed to sharing life. As wonderful as it was for both families, it was no less exciting for them! Because, the girl was only 18 then. Passed SSC. And the boy is in the second year of English Honors. Then they migrated to Canada. For 10 years in a row, the two of them learned the basics of fashion retail together.

A few days ago, I was having a virtual talk with Saeed Siddiqui, one of the actors of this screenplay. His wife Ashrafun Siddiqui was also there. To everyone, of course, they are Rumi and Dora. Both are currently in Canada. Rumi is now the chairman. Dora managing director. Cat’s Eye has already been transgressed. They have left the responsibility of running the organization in the hands of newcomers. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

What is the chemistry of the success of Cat’s Eye, he sat a little hesitant. Then he answered in just three words: brand commitment and relationship. The latter also has chemistry. That can be said before drawing the finish line. But the first answer is to ask, what was the brand promise of the beginning. And are they maintained? He said that the fashion or stereotype of the middle class man should be broken and his ‘I’ should be made visible through clothes. That is to say, giving the right contemporary dress as much as possible. Clothing that is both ‘trendy and sophisticated’. That’s why we tried to give the quality shirts that were available outside the country for 20 dollars at that time, the quality shirts for two or three dollars.

Noting that a strong relationship has been established with the buyers in keeping with the brand promise, Saeed Siddiqui said, “The joy that people feel when they see me and recognize me not only in the country but also in this far away country is indescribable.” He further added that in order to earn the trust of the buyers, we have gained the trust of the buyers in low quality products with emphasis on design, quality and affordability. All this has been our unique selling point.

It is worth mentioning here that Ashrafun Siddiqui’s plan was to establish Cat’s Eye as a retail brand. However, they did not manage to achieve the goal they started on Green Road in ’70. On the contrary, their demand was often swallowed up by consumer demand. So he moved from Green Super Market to Mansur Building on Elephant Road, which is still Cats Eye’s home. They did not need publicity for this. They did not have that ability then.

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