Car Accident Settlement Procedure

Car Accident Settlement Procedure


The court’s involvement is not always required in car accident settlement claims. Most settlements are agreed upon between the insurance provider and the injured, making the entire process easier and free from the hassle of court trials. But one must be careful during the entire procedure involved in a settlement claim, as a small mistake might cost them heavily. Moreover, as the insurance companies will not act in the best interest of the injured, it would be wise to seek the help of an attorney from King Law firm. With the best attorneys possessing years of experience and excellent in relevant car accident cases, one can ensure smooth and early settlement of an insurance claim.

Steps Involved In A Car Accident Settlement Procedure:

Informing The Insurance Company: 

This is the first step, informing the insurance company that an accident has occurred against which the victim is expecting a compensation claim. However, the step is not as simple as it seems, especially because one will soon find the insurance companies coming up with numerous questions reading the accident which need to be answered cautiously. 

This is because the insurance providers would seek loopholes to use to lower the settlement amount. Therefore one must make sure that an experienced attorney is contacted beforehand.

Collection Of Documents And Evidence: 

The second step involves collecting all the relevant evidence and documenting it to strengthen the case. These might include a copy of the police report, various medical and treatment records, medical bills, pictures of the accident scene, images of the injuries, CCTV footage (if any), and any other documents that will prove beneficial to the claim.

Estimation Of The Claim And Issuance Of The Demand Letter:

Once the documentation is over, the next step is to estimate the total amount the accident claim will be worth. This must be done after considering all the medical expenses, lost income, physical and mental suffering, damage to the vehicle, and repair costs, among many others. Once an amount is estimated, one must issue a demand letter claiming the entire amount as compensation.


Insurance companies are usually unlikely to agree on the amount demanded by the injured. Instead, they come with a counteroffer. If one finds that the offers made by the insurance providers are too low, one must contact an attorney to file a lawsuit and take the matter to court.

Final Thoughts:

One can ensure a hassle-free car accident claim from the insurance provider by contacting an attorney from the very beginning who will take care of all the legal proceedings so that the injured can focus on their recovery.

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