Call for Unity Against China


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called on Western nations to unite against China. He says China needs to unite to stop the West from pitting Western nations against each other, using trade interests. He made the remarks in an interview aired on Saturday, according to a Reuters report.

The Canadian prime minister says China is “playing” Western nations against each other. Trudeau has accused China of exploiting competition from Western nations seeking economic benefits.

Trudeau told Global Television, “We are competing, and China is playing against each other in a very competitive way in the free market from time to time.

We need to work better to work together and to become stronger, so that China does not play with any ulterior motives and does not divide us by pitting us against each other,” Trudeau said.

Tensions with Beijing have been rising since Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief economic officer (CFO) of Chinese company Huawei, in 2016 on the basis of a US arrest warrant.

Beijing later arrested two Canadians, Michael Spaver and Michael Coverig, on suspicion of espionage. Canada called it “hostage diplomacy” but China dismissed it.

Meng was released by Canada in September after reaching an agreement with US consulates. Within hours, news broke of the release of two Canadians.

Even before Meng’s arrest, Canada has repeatedly questioned China’s human rights record, much to Beijing’s annoyance. Since then the distance between the two countries has been created.

Japan has increased its defense budget in the wake of China’s rapid military expansion and North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishidar approved a new budget last Friday.

Japan’s defense budget will increase by 1.1 percent to 48.18 billion US dollars, or 5.4 trillion yen, in the fiscal year starting April 1. However, according to Beijing, Japan’s defense budget is less than a quarterly or three-month budget of the Chinese military.

After meeting with US President Joe Biden in April, former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga promised to increase the defense budget. In this case, he gave priority to the issue of regional security.

Tensions have risen over China’s claim to Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping has sought to assert his country’s sovereignty over Taiwan. The Taiwanese government says it wants peace, but will defend itself if necessary.

Former Japanese Prime Minister and influential figure in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Shinzo Abe, has said that any state of emergency in Taiwan would be urgent for Japan. In addition, it will be an emergency for their security alliance with the United States.

Japan’s defense budget includes the purchase of 12 F-35 stealth fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin Corporation in the United States. Japan will spend 126 billion yen. Apart from this, the country is also planning to build jet fighters locally next year. The project will run until 2030 under Mitsubishi Hevid Industries. The country will spend 6 billion yen in this sector. In addition, Japan has budgeted 34 billion yen for cyber defense and 69 billion yen for space projects. This budget must be passed in Parliament. However, the Kishida government has the largest number of seats in parliament.

This year, Canada has given four lakh one thousand immigrants the opportunity to live permanently. This immigration facility has been given importance to those who were living in the country temporarily. Sean Fraser, Canada’s immigration minister, made the announcement on Thursday.

According to the news agency Reuters, Canada has met this year’s target. This target is even higher for next year. The Canadian government wants to give 4 lakh

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