World’s Smallest Refrigerator

California Researchers Create World’s Smallest Refrigerator


A team of scientists has invented a portable mini-cooler. It has earned the name of the world’s smallest refrigerator. The newly invented product is different from the traditional refrigerator. It is a thermoelectric cooler. It measures just 100 nanometers in thickness. This means it is one ten-millionth of a meter in size. It was invented by a team of physicists led by the University of California, Los Angeles. The team was led by professor Chris Regan. The team claimed to develop a new technique to help measure its cooling performance. Investor exuded confidence that the refrigerator will find its way in various areas of life on Earth.

The inventors said that the technology they used is similar to the one used in scientific instruments and spacecraft. The refrigerator is developed using two different semiconductors. The semiconductors were sandwiched between metalized plates. They said that when the metalized plates are heated, one side becomes hot and rest of it remains cool. The temperature difference between the sides of the plates is then used to generate power. They said that the same technique was used by NASA in Voyager spacecraft more than four decades ago. Scientists generated electricity with the help of thermoelectric devices. The devices were wrapped around plutonium that produced heat.

The creators said they used bismuth telluride and antimony-bismuth along with a system of semiconductors. When energized, the plate was heated quickly and also cooled down quickly. When one side of the plate becomes hot and the other becomes cold, it serves as a cooler or refrigerator. Scientists claimed that this is the smallest device that could perform the role of a refrigerator. They said that it works efficiently. It can be used cool microelectronics and other portable devices. It can also be useful in the kitchen. The creators believe that if the technology is scaled up wisely, it has the potential to become an alternative to the vapor-compression system which is used in refrigerators in the kitchen and restaurants.

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