Look Stunning at Your Friend’s Wedding in Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Look Stunning at Your Friend’s Wedding in Blush Bridesmaid Dresses!


In the excitement of seeing your best friend or sister all dolled up in her wedding dress in Australia, are you neglecting to buy a stunning bridesmaid dress for yourself? The bridesmaid plays an important role, from keeping along with the bride to taking care of her all the time. Therefore, she is required to look perfect and extraordinary in supreme quality bridesmaid dresses embellished with flowers, embroideries, sequins, and much more. Along with the bride, the happy and enthusiastic bridesmaids also help to set the tone of the whole wedding ceremony. 

It can be quite overwhelming as well as a tedious task to choose a perfect blush bridesmaid dress that enhances your personality and suits the wedding theme. Keep reading through to know about different types of bridesmaid dresses suitable for every body type: 

1. Pear-shaped Body

Women with pear-shaped bodies have most of their weight in the lower half of their body. A-line of floaty skirt dresses is best suited for pear-shaped bodies to enhance their figure perfectly. This is because A-line dresses have a skimming effect in the hip or waist area, accentuating your curves and giving you a flatter appearance. A-line dresses focus more on thinner areas of your body and impart a perfect hourglass figure.

2. Smaller Busts

Women with smaller bust choose to wear halter or cowl neckline to flaunt other prominent parts of their upper body like arms, shoulders, or collarbones. Halter or cowl neckline dresses impart a fuller appearance and make your shoulders look broad. However, women with heavy bust should avoid wearing them as these patterns make a person look bigger. Moreover, fitted dresses with slim straps also highlight the right curves of your body.

3. Larger Busts

Larger busts of women either make them conscious or super confident with their body structure. To take the attention off your chest, you can choose to wear off-shoulder or deep neckline dresses that highlight your cleavage and shoulders without putting much focus on your bust. V neckline dresses add elegance to your attire and make you look sleek, flattering your curves effortlessly.  

4. Tall body

Taller women can experiment with almost everything when it comes to choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Ranging from long straight gowns to flaunt your height to midi dresses, you can pick any design, pattern, and colour of your bridesmaid dress. Moreover, a well-fitted bridesmaid gown accentuates the essential features of your body and flatters your figure.

5. Curvy Body

All types of dresses with good fitting suits the curvy body, especially the dresses equipped with low neckline and thin straps. Low neckline and thin straps focus more on the cleavage and shoulders rather than other flabby body parts. Curvy women can also experiment with the lengths of their bridesmaid dresses by opting for long gowns or short midi dresses. 

6. Petite Body

Having a petite body allows you to experiment with different designs and materials of bridesmaid dresses. If you want to carry a feminine look, you can go for a backless gown having puffed sleeves and shoulders. Along with adding a little tease, this type of dress adds extra elegance and grace to your attire. Additionally, you can pair your bridesmaid gown with high heels and extend jewellery to complete the sleek feminine look. 


Although there is a wide range of bridesmaid dresses in different colours, designs, and sizes available in the market, it is highly essential to feel comfortable in what you wear. Apart from paying attention to the details of your dress, make sure that it is appropriate for the wedding theme and complements your complete appearance. You can also check out bridesmaid dresses online to shop for suitable ones. 


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