The Brazilian players had to choose the path of foul to keep Messi

Brazil did not allow Argentina to play a normal game


The Argentina-Brazil match that took place this morning could not fill the minds of neutral football fans. How can you? In a match where there are no goals, can that match fill anyone’s mind? Argentina did not score a goal against Brazil without Neymar at home. Messi, Martinez, The Mariara were quite dull. However, Argentina’s luck is good, they did not score a goal in the defense.

Lionel Scaloni has complained that Brazil did not allow Argentina to play the normal game

In the second half, Cristian Romero, the main defender of the team, was out due to injury, but in the end, Vinicius, Jesus, Otamendi and Petsyara did not allow the Pakistanis to score. It cannot be said that Argentina has been able to play their own game properly. If you can, do Messi and Di Maria not score goals? But why did Argentina play like that?

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni, of course, has the answer. Scaloni gave the same answer at the press conference at the end of the match. It would be wrong to say that he just answered, in other words, the coach praised Brazil. He felt that Brazil did not allow Argentina to play their normal game, “The match was very difficult. They came here to play their game properly. And wanted us not to play our game well. They succeed in that end. Our team, however, understood the situation and played well. We played a little better in the second half. ‘

A scene from the Brazil-Argentina match

However, by drawing the match, Argentina has become a great achievement. Under Lionel Scaloni, this year’s Copa America winners remained unbeaten in 28 consecutive matches. After a goalless draw, Scaloni finds positiveness in the record, saying, “It’s a great achievement (28 unbeaten matches in a row). It is an achievement that people dream of. We are very proud. I am grateful to have these players on the team. Hard times will come, but you will always have to be ready. The World Cup qualifiers are tough, but we have a balance of strength in our team, which is positive. In these two matches, we got four points against two tough opponents, which will give us experience. ‘


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